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So Wimbledon is back for two weeks. All tennis fans will get excited about the British players like Tim Henman and how “This is our year”, like with most English sport fans it’s inevitable they’ll end up disappointed.

Mr. L’Ego is one of the favorites for winning Wimbledon 2005

I don’t watch or follow tennis, the only reason I have actually noticed Wimbledon is on is because Neighbours has been cancelled for two weeks! Typical of the BBC (still I won’t be complaining when Neighbours is cancelled for the Football World Cup next summer!).

I would like to congratulate the English cricket team for beating the Aussies yesterday in Bristol. Like with tennis, I am not a cricket fan although was dragged into watching the last half hour of the match. It was (a little) exciting to watch and good to see England beating Australian. I am informed this is the same as the national football side beating Brazil.

Well done Pietersen, now it’s your turn Beckham!

There was more sport yesterday, the USA Grand Prix. What farce! Due to safety fears over tyres, 14 of the 20 cars pulled out. The FIA did bugger all to prevent this, the sport has heavily declined over the years and yesterday’s decision did nothing to change this.

Still, the best sport in the world isn’t far off. The Championship is back on TV on 6th August, The Premiership the following week. All the fixtures are released this Thursday.

There doesn’t seem to have been many football transfers so far this summer. OK, there have been a few small moves; Leeds held their annual sale selling the excellent Aaron Lennon to Spurs. Usually though there’s a big £20-£30million signing, mind you besides Chelsea it seems every football club in England is broke and cannot afford these transfer fees, let alone the crazy wages these players command.

“Boy for sale! Boy for sale!”

I expect Leeds are lining up a £60million double swoop for Adriano and Gerrard. They’ve already turned down an offer of a loan for Frank Lampard from Chelsea as they cannot offer him a regular first team place! Now if you believe all that, you probably trust Tony Blair :o)

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What a fantastic day, the weather has been so great it has felt like the Mediterranean. Anymore of it and I’ll be smashing plates, eating snails and organising bull fights.

I’ve been spending the majority of the day and evening in the garden making the most of this climate as no doubt the muggy and wet weather will be back next week.

Last night was also a great evening too, I went out for a BBQ. I highly recommend the BBQ Flavoured Burgers from Sainsbury’s, they’re delicious!

There are millions of people like me who like this heat, but unbelievably there are lots who don’t like it. If you are one of these people, I don’t know what your problem is, so in the words of Peter Kay “Have a Solero and shut the fuck up!”

More of the same tomorrow please Mr. Weather Man

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So, as announced live across the world last night, Michael Jackson has been cleared of all charges. I haven’t blogged this trial up until now, mainly because I didn’t have a strong opinion.

In my eyes Jackson, like anybody on trial is “innocent until proven guilty” and as I wasn’t on the jury and had not seen the evidence could not even guess as to what the outcome would be.

Of course his die hard fans, friends and family believed his innocence and they must be over the moon to see his convictions quashed.

I hope this whole thing hasn’t harmed his career and he can now, finally return to making music without lies and allegations being made against him.

Michael Jackson is yet to comment to the media about the whole incident, but has been able to gain an exclusive comment from the “other Michael Jackson” who stars on The Bo Selecta television show….

Chamone Mutha Fucka!

I’m Michael Jackson and I’m free from going to mutha fuckin jail thanks to me main man Tommy Mez-a-ray, he da guy with tha long long white hair who look like a wizard – owww!

Now I’m out of da clink I have loads of plans for y’all. Me and Bubbles are recording a new album called ‘Inn-o-Ce’ and me main man Bobby Gel-dooorf is letting me sing at the G8 fest for my starvin’ marvin’ muth fuckin’ friends!

Martin Bashier is also keen to do another doc-u-men-tay with me, hope it don’t end me up behind bars!

Now I’m outta going down I can chill and eat me Kentucky Fried Chicken. I ain’t eaten anything but carr-a-tay juice and I am as thin as that Ally McBeal biatch.

I’m off now to watch the Big Brother. That Science is one bad, invincible mutha fucka with the throwing of the bins and pouring water over Kermal. Kermal, he like a mutha fuckin man-woman, there’s lots of them doing time, glad I’m not going down now!


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My digital camera has been changed! I went back to my local PC World where, as expected, I was told that there were no replacement cameras in stock and I could either have a refund or a replacement from Bristol. I decided to go to Bristol for the exchange.

Off to Bristol excepting an easy and pleasant transaction. Remind me for future reference “Easy”, “Pleasant” and “PC World” do NOT go together!

While at the Customer Support Desk some charming lady told me that as I had 10% off the camera yesterday, due to it being an ex-display model I would have to pay £12.99 extra for a replacement new model. So hang on, if this camera were to EVER break I would have to pay this extra charge? Not what I was told yesterday.

When this was explained to the “helpful” lady I was told in so many words that it wasn’t the problem of the Bristol branch and I had to take it up with Bath where I originally bought the camera EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE IN THE SAME CHAIN OF STORES!

After much persuasion about the practicalities of this and what made logical sense I rightfully left with a new and working camera, still with £12.99 in my pocket which has paid for a case to keep my camera nice.

The remaining £3 was used to buy a very interesting product from The What Shop in town. If you do not know what this shop is, basically it sells a load of old tack in bulk. People go mad for the junk and idiotically fill their houses with cheap looking chairs, ornaments and pictures of holiday resorts.

I bought some Spider Repellent. Apparently if you spray it around doors, windows and any other places you would expect spiders to enter your house through it keeps them at bay.

Taking full use of my new camera to take this photo!

With the summer here and my windows open nearly all the time, these scary creatures may see my home as theirs. Hopefully the repellent will smell so foul it’ll make them turn around and go back to wherever they came from.

To me the repellent smells like a cheap household cleaner or nail varnish remover. I suppose to a spider if smells like faeces and vomit smeared all over the wall. I just worry it won’t attract some sick and twisted exotic spiders who have a fetish for foul smelling chemicals. You hear about people who like sick and disgusting things after all….

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I went to get a new digital camera today as I have been meaning to buy one for a long time. I chose to go to PC World as it is relatively close to where I live.

After consulting a website which compares cameras and looking in store I went for a Canon A75, it seemed a good choice. All was going smoothly, the camera was demonstrated, money was getting ready to exchange hands, I was happy. I wasn’t even peeved when I was told that they were out of stock and I had to take a display model, although I did request a discount and was offered 10%.

After paying for the camera, along with a 256MB memory card and card reader I went home to play with my new toy (via KFC for a lovely Zinger Burger). There I took a few photos in my bedroom, removed the card from the camera and downloaded the pics onto the PC.

This is where it all cocks up…. I discovered that the photos were very, very dark even though the room they were taken in was very much light. After over an hour of pissing about with settings and modes I realised the flash on the camera was broken, F-ing marvellous!

My camera looks like this although mine is as much use as a used toilet roll….

So now I need to go back to PC World, speak to the brain dead employees (and lets be honest, they are!) and exchange the camera, trouble is they have none in stock!

Which isn’t useful for much at all really

They will of course order me a new camera which I hope to arrive ASAP so it’s not too bad. At the end of the day I suppose it’ll work out well, I was given a 10% discount for my ex-display model and I expect the replacement to be brand new. Not too bad, would still prefer a working camera now though!

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