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Another late blog from my bed tonight.

Watched the new series of Little Britain this evening, had very mixed feeling about this first episode. There were some funny bits, namely the new character Mrs. Emery, an OAP with extreme bladder problems.

The regular characters were back – Lou & Andy, Daffyd Thomas (the only gay in the village), Vicky Pollard, Sebastian and Fat Fighters however I thought they brought nothing new to series 3.

It is almost as if the shows creators Matt Lucas and David Walliams are running thin on ideas. This was always inevitable; the success of Little Britain was down to the catchphrases and simple predictability. It is always obvious Andy would change his mind at the last minute and get out of his wheelchair behind Lou’s back. We have come to expect Daffyd will complain he is “the only gay in the village” only to come face to face with a fellow homosexual whom he will then insult.

You can however have too much of a good thing. The predictable humour was very funny at first but then it just gets a tad boring. Looking forward to next weeks episode though, it is still a great series and I am interested to see sketches from the new characters like Mrs. Emery and the man with his Thai Transvestite bride.

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A bit of a late blog tonight, I’m in fact typing this in bed – the joys of a laptop with a wireless internet connection!

Went to the canteen at work this lunchtime for a bite to eat and decided to have a sandwich. Looked through all the choices and decided upon “Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon” thought I would push the boat out and go for something a little exotic, makes a change from BLT or Coronation Chicken.

Got back to my office and started to tuck into my lunch. It wasn’t until I had nearly finished the first half of the sandwich that I noticed the ghastly aftertaste in my mouth. I checked the sandwich packaging to make sure it was actually in date and found out something far more sinister than a dodgy past it’s sell by date sarnie… this sandwich included one of the most disgusting food substances known to man… Parmesan Cheese!

Parmesan is disgusting, it smells like and (as I can now vouch for) tastes like vomit. It is foul, how anybody can call it food is well beyond me. This puke-like taste/smell is no coincidence either. Parmesan cheese uses an ingredient called rennet which is taken from the stomachs of baby cows. Vomit also comes from the stomach.

Eat parmesan. Eat this calfs last meal.

I am a big lover of Italian food, pizzas, pastas, spaghetti – love it. But when these Italian waiters come along in their restaurants and offer to foul your beautiful meal with cow vomit cheese…. I just dunno…. The thing is a lot of people love the stuff.

I had to resort to fussily dissecting my sandwich and ended up with a bit of bread, bacon and lettuce squashed together. A further mess of bread, lettuce and vomit cheese was thrown in the bin. Looks like I’m back to a BLT or cooked meal tomorrow.

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Had to go to the dentist in town this afternoon, I took the bus home along with a dozen school kids and what annoying little fuckers they were. The gobby little shites took over the rear of the bus and spent the whole journey competing with each other for who was the wittiest chav.

They argued over chocolate covered raisins which they threw about and then ate like pigs, made unnecessary sexist remarks to young ladies getting on the bus, told some terrible jokes and started rapping awful material from their idol 50 Cent.

They also complained about the amount of hospital workers catching the bus. How they know who works for the hospital and who doesn’t I do not know but I find it a little bit rich coming from them. It is not a school bus it is for the public.

The best way to transport rowdy school kids

Their school should organise their own transport, ideally pile them all in a cattle truck, after all they behave like animals. Alternatively make them walk, if the youth of today are indeed turning into obese, E-number filled slobs than the short stroll back from school will bring some much needed exercise.

I really should have done something to shut them up, Mark from Peep Show (David Mitchell) had the right idea

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Well what a great game of football!

I couldn’t really have asked for much for entertainment wise, England winning 3-2 with Michael Owen grabbing two late goals coming from behind against Argentina, one of the strongest teams in the world.

I’m not going to start saying we will win the World Cup or anything like that but today’s performance did prove that the England players can play very well against a top side and come back to win from behind.

The performance today was the best I have seen by England in a long time. If they play like that during EVERY game of The World Cup and are fortunate with injuries and suspensions I cannot see any reason why England cannot win the competition. The major factor is, as always England keeping their excellent performance for 90 minutes and into extra time. In so many previous, crucial games, England have let themselves down by not playing at their best. They must overcome this problem.

Anyway, well done to all of the England boys today, you did so well, now play every game like that! Oh and finally I predicted a win for England (see below)! :o)

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England recorded a famous win over old foes Argentina to take a giant step towards World Cup qualification from Group F.

Once again captain David Beckham was the hero, stroking home a penalty after great work from Michael Owen seconds before half-time.

And in the second half England’s defence stepped to the fore, standing firm to claim a memorable win as Argentina mounted wave upon wave of attack.

Remember that? If you are a football fan or even simply English you surely will. The date was Friday 7th June 2002, the venue – the Sapporo Dome in Japan, the event – the crucial 2002 World Cup game against two of the strongest football teams in the world and bitterest of rivals.

England of course won the game 1-0 thanks to a David Beckham penalty after Michael Owen was brought down in the box. What followed was some of the most impressive football England has ever played.

Don’t cry for me Argentina!

These two teams meet again tonight in a pre-World Cup friendly. There will be some old and new faces in both teams since they last met. It should be a good game, I don’t normally watch friendlies but I will today. I know a lot of patriotic fans are up for this so hopefully the players are also, if you cannot get excited about playing the likes of Argentina than you may as well not bother going to Germany next summer.

Score prediction: 2-1 to England
Both teams will fancy themselves to win the World Cup next year and they boast some excellent players. On neutral ground there will be no home advantage for either team. I may live to regret this but I’m going to back England to pull off a win against the Argies. C’mon En-ger-land!

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