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Hahaha! Check out my MySpace page! You’ll see that I have destroyed it. Never more will I receive MySpace associated e-mails from skater dudes, coke heads and paedos!

Mr. White, you may have forced me at gunpoint to create the account, but now I have destroyed it – your reign of terror and internet dominance over me is over!

Mwa Ha Ha Ha Haaaa!

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Just a couple of videos from yesterday

The winning goal
Note: the screaming is not me!

The celebrations


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I was probably the only City supporter yesterday who, while ecstatic about the result, was also very saddened at full time. At Five O’clock, when the champagne was flowing at Yate, I received the very worrying fulltime score from St. Mary’s Stadium. Leeds had lost 1-0 to Southampton. Worse still, all their relegation rivals had picked up points.

Unless an astonishing fight back takes place in United’s final two games, along with an almighty annihilation of one of their relegation rivals, Leeds will be playing League One football next season.

You may think that watching a local, non-league side win the league would ease the pain and make things better – it does not. I have a love for Bath City, but a very special love for Leeds United. My original “big team”, who brought me many memories and great players – Mark Viduka, Alan Smith, Lucas Radebe, Dom Matteo – the list goes on.

League One or not, I will still go to watch Leeds whenever I can next season, and just because I have found affection to my local team, Bath City, I still love The Whites just as much as I did all those years ago.

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Bath City have done it – they’re champions after beaten Yate 2-1. What a day!

The first half was terrible. At half time we were trailing 1-0 and were all worrying about bubbles bursting. The second half was the turnaround. City equalised, and as news filtered around the ground that promotion rivals, Team Bath, were losing we all started to believe again. Promotion became a reality when City scored the winner.

It wasn’t long before the referee blew his whistle to mark the end of the match. This sparked a mass pitch invasion. Hundreds of City fans scaled the metal barriers, climbing onto the dry, dusty pitch, to congratulate their players.

The champagne, which has been on ice for so long, finally came out and the party started. Players, fans and City backroom staff, all partying at Yate’s tin hut of a ground.

The coach journey home was equally erratic, with the driver celebrating the victory by giving us a tour of Bath city centre, sounding the coach horn at every opportunity, leaving tourists and Bath residents looking rather scared.

“… and I spanked her like this”

Craig Davidge now has a statue in his honour

Going up!!!

“That’s why we’re champions!”

Pitch invasion!

“Champagne! Champagne for everyone!”

“He’s ugly as fuck, but he’s taken us up”


Jim Rollo – pissed already!

“We’ll never play you again!”

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Every football fan knows the song from the terraces “The referee’s a wanker, he wears a wanker’s hat…” Tonight, the chant couldn’t have been more fitting. Bath City away to Mangotsfield United. If City won, they would champions. If not, the champagne would sit in the bucket for ice for another few days.

Bath drew 0-0. They should have won. This is not down to missed chances by the strikers, Bath scored two – BOTH disallowed. Neither is it down to the strong defence of the opposition – they were clumsy, violent thugs, who on any other day, would have been sent off. No, for once, every piece of blame can be put upon the shoulders of the referee and his linesmen – they had a mare! Disallowed goals, penalties not given, players staying on the pitch that should be off it – the list goes on. I can quite honestly say, it was the worst performance from a football official I have ever seen.

So, we have to wait a few more days for the game against Yate at the weekend, or just pray that Team Tax fail to win at Tiverton on Thursday. Hopefully then, City will finally be Champions.

By the way – if anyone captured my wild celebration for the ‘goal that never was’ in the second half, where I climbed onto the wall and swung from the goal net support bar, let me know! :o)

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