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It was down to Twerton Park again this evening. This time City were taking on some strange, unknown team from League Two known as Hereford. Up until tonight, I knew nothing about them, or where they were even situated in England – in fact I am still unclear – no doubt Leeds will be playing them in a year or two’s time though, following yet another relegation.

Pre-match I met Simon down my local pub, The Dolphin. This time he brought along a posse of his friends in a vain attempt to convert them to non-league football. One didn’t seem to be a massive football fan, the other is a Spurs supporter, so the quality of football seen at non-league level would be nothing new to him.

We had a bite to eat in the pub. I found my choice of BBQ chicken & bacon to be less than satisfactory. While The Dolphin is good and convenient for drinks (and they sell Thatcher’s cider), I think I’ll be sticking to restaurants in town for my food in future.

The match was good. City played well, and considering Hereford are two divisions above Bath and have full time players, it was difficult to tell which team were the pros and which were amateurs. Frustratingly City did lose 1-0, but I think it was still another good performance with an encouraging degree of improvement.

Post-match I got dragged kicking and screaming by Simon to the club’s bar, where yet again he tied me down and force fed me a bottle of Magners, before kicking me out onto Twerton High Street and disappearing into the night with his friends. Luckily I made it home safely, but on my journey back, was startled at the riverside by some animal darting across the pavement in front of me. Due to the poorly lit path, it was hard to tell what creature it was, but I guess it was this…

Finally, for those interested, some poor quality photos from the match. Sorry, it’s the best I could manage with such a crappy camera. If somebody would like to buy me a new one, be my guest.

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Following a rather pleasant weekend, it’s raining again this morning. Looks like I’m going to be wet for the rest of the day. Let normal service resume.

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Before I start this blog, I would like to reference a discussion Simon and I had this afternoon on the content of both our sites. Apparently they contain either…

a) Simon’s side of the events (mostly lies)
b) My side of the events (the occasional stretched truth)
c) The truth (factual information)

Today’s blog contains 0% of ‘a’, 7% of ‘b’ and 93% ‘c’

I met Simon this afternoon. We ate lunch at my flat, had a drink in The Dolphin pub and played football in the local park. Simon tormented and bullied me all afternoon. Here are some examples of his abuse…

1) Stamping on my feet with his bladed football boots. A red card offence.
2) Forcing me to drink a pint of Thatcher’s cider. I begged and begged him for a J20.
3) Inviting himself to my flat, post-football and thus ruining pre-planned family events.
4) Killing one of my pet fish and eating it alongside his wine and olives.

I feel so hurt and abused! :o(

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Mr. Watkins came round last night for curry and a film. He wanted to watch something called The Astronaut Farmer. He had no idea if it was good or not, but just liked the name! At first I thought this was going to be a hilarious comedy about an astronaut working on a farmyard with cows, pigs and chickens. Either that or a movie about a farmer who goes onto the moon – something like “The Wurzels in Space”.

Alas it was none of these, it was a serious drama starring the man from Bad Santa – although this time he wasn’t swearing, drinking and pissing on the floor. It was about him building a space rocket in his back garden and how his little project was affecting his hick family.

Rubbish film and one we turned off after the first hour. I didn’t find out whether or not he made it into space, or just gave up and went back to being a hick. Quite frankly, I don’t care.

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Last night Simon and I attended the Bath City/Bristol Rovers pre-season friendly game. It was a strange match, especially the first half, where the referee was very poor indeed. Rovers scored many goals, most of which were from an offside position, or with the help of the “hand of God”. Therefore the first half result is void, and only the second 45 minutes applied.

Bath won the second half, or as I like to remember it, the whole match 2-1 with two amazing goals. Well done City! You are worthy champions!

After the game, we both went to the clubs bar, Charlie’s for a drink of local ale and cider, before heading home.

As I lay in bed, trying to get to sleep, my phone started ringing. I answered it, only to be greeted by a drunken northerner – my Hull based, Leeds supporting friend. Amidst the drunken northern slurs, I made out references to “pizza”, “meeting Ian Holloway in a bar”, “southern bastard”, and the chant “Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!”

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