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Bath City – rubbish performance, shattered players, 3 points dropped.
Leeds United – another win, another 3 points, 6 points of 1st place.
Phill Neville – Sent off against Liverpool for a save that Paul Robinson can only dream of making.

Egg Chasing
England lose the egg-and-spoon-race final. Awww… did-ums.

Poor Lewis. Inevitable after the previous race. Hopefully some good will come of this.

Rest of my weekend
Too late to blog anymore.

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This afternoon at work I was dared to eat a teabag. The rules were, it had to be consumed in one single mouthful, without the aid of water or other fluid. Normally I wouldn’t stoop to such immature levels (no, really), but there was a £10 prize in it for me if I managed to swallow it. This was always going to be a tricky one for me, especially as I hate tea.

After much thought and contract writing (to ensure I was indeed paid) I managed to build up a mouthful of saliva, and popped a compressed teabag into my mouth. Seconds later, I swallowed it. The bag got stuck in my throat. I had to do one of two things. Cough it back up or risk vomiting my lunch all over the office floor. I chose the former.

I didn’t win the tenner, but at least I tried. I also learnt that it is impossible to eat a teabag.

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This week on my management course, or “David Brent Training” as Sam refers to it, I learnt all about delegating tasks. I’m not currently in a management or supervisory role, but a lot of what I learnt I have noticed from those currenlty above me… “File this for me, get this for me, suck this for me.…” – don’t worry; that quote is from Peep Show and not from a real life experience of mine.

Along with being forced to write a boring assessment and have mind-numbing conversations with my fellow learners, we also watched a video – always a good way to get the attention of weary students, or giving them an excuse to have a quick sleep.

Unlike the last session, this weeks training video didn’t feature the likes of the genius, John Cleese. Instead a bunch of cockney-wideboys acted (poorly) in a short film about WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T DELEGATE. The video looked like it was set in the 1970’s and judging by the quality of the audio on the cassette, it had probably been made back then too. Every now and then, mid-conversation, the actors would change from annoying stereotypical cockneys into a deep, slurred, Darth Vadars, as the well-worn video tape tried to prevent itself from snapping in two. A comical moment in an overall boring video.

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Time to go, Tufty, time to go. Step up “The Special One”.

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I’m just recovering and drying off after getting rather wet going to Twerton Park to watch Bath City play Weston Super Mare in the Setanta Shield.

I don’t rate the S.S. at all. In fact I think it is a distraction from the league and FA Cup and is detrimental to a club’s season; especially as the rules state you have to play 10 of your regular 11 players in each round – a ridiculous clause, and one I find to be bordering on illegal.

While standing alongside 167 other fans, soaking wet and sodden, I was almost praying for Weston to win. The game went on and on, and the scoreline remained at 0-0. Late into the game, Matt Coupe got a goal for City. I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry. I did neither. Instead I clapped modestly; in the way you may applaud a child in a school pantomime who hasn’t performed very well. The rain which had been falling steadily for 90minutes then turned into a monsoon – perfect timing for Weston to grab an equaliser and force another 30minutes of dire football.

The final half hour was played in horrendous conditions. City fans winched as players fell to the water-logged pitch, following bone shattering tackles from clumsy Weston defenders. Luckily all Bath players got away unscaved. Unluckily City won the game 3-2 and will be forced to play an equally pointless and dangerous game against Newport next month.

Rubbish competition and one which Setanta; who are supposed to be priding themselves in offering quality football in a Sky dominated world, should be ashamed of.

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