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Posted by sean on December 18, 2017 at 7:28 pm in Moving House with No Comments

Moving house is probably the biggest thing that I have ever done. Almost three weeks on, and there is still lots to do. The last week or so has been a little frustrating to say the least, but there have been plus points too…

The Good
We finally have broadband! Living without access to the internet for as long as we did was hard. There is only so much you can do with a poor 4G signal, on your mobile phone. When we told Sky that we were moving home, we took them up on the offer of an upgrade to fibre broadband. Wow. It was worth the wait!

Web pages which load instantly, superfast downloads and no buffering during videos. I remember when we first got internet access in the late 1990’s. It would take half an hour to download a single MP3 from Napster – when it was free and illegal. This was when you didn’t lose the internet connection, because your sister picked up the telephone downstairs. This new broadband will download an MP3 in a second!

The Bad
Two companies – Argos and Yodel. Since moving, I have been living out of cardboard boxes. This is because I have no wardrobe. We decided to put our faith in Argos and entrust them to deliver our new furniture. Claire’s wardrobe was arrived without too much trouble – besides a rude delivery driver, with a bad attitude. My wardrobe was also delivered. It came in two boxes. One box contained Part #1 of the wardrobe. The second box was a television stand. Fucking marvellous.

One week, and many heated Twitter and telephone conversations later, the replacement was due to arrive. In the morning, Claire checked Yodel’s delivery status. There were over one hundred deliveries before ours. ONE HUNDRED! How can one delivery driver deliver that many parcels in one day? Even Father Christmas would struggle. Needless to say, my wardrobe did not arrive. We realised this at about 7pm. This was confirmed a couple of hours later, when Claire received a text message, which read something along the lines of “We’re not delivering your parcel”. It may as well have read “FUCK YOU”. Thanks, Yodel. I am not in a position to speculate about working conditions for these drivers, but giving them such huge delivery targets (100+ in a day) is worrying.

The following day, Part 2 of the now hated wardrobe arrived. At this point I was expecting to see the ghost of Jeremy Beadle. Yodel had only given me the same fucking box as before! Yes, that’s right. Two boxes, both of which containing the same pissing parts! To add insult to injury, the Yodel delivery driver refused to take away the old boxes, containing the original wardrobe and TV stand.


I’m getting bored of writing this. I am sure if, by a miracle, you are still with me, you are too. So, let’s just say we bought a new wardrobe from a shop. The original boxes of crap are due for collection tomorrow. Fancy a bet if anyone will turn up?

The Ugly
Nothing ugly. Quite the opposite. Our new house is beautiful. I am still yet to believe it is ours. It is a wonderful home and will become even more beautiful once we’ve finally settled in and all the boxes are gone. Once this has happened, I’ll upload some photos – including the wonderful view from our bedroom window, which looks onto the Cotswold Way countryside.

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