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Posted by sean on August 16, 2018 at 10:04 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Is it possible for animals to be disobedient? In the case of rabbits, I believe so. With Roman, our pet bunny, most definitely.

Roman has a naughty habit of biting the clips on his cage, which keep him locked in. He only appears to do this when he wants feeding, grooming, released into his play pen, or a combination of all three. What’s more, Roman will only demonstrate his destructive side when there is somebody in the room to witness his tantrum. If Claire or me are upstairs, he won’t show any badbehaviour whatsoever.

So why am I making such a big deal out of Roman biting his cage clips? The reason is because these particular clips are replacements for the ones which originally came with his cage, which he destroyed! These replacement clips had to be imported from America and were not cheap. Clearly President Donald has imposed a tax on pet supplies.

The clips arrived today and were duly fitted, while Roman enjoyed a day in his pen. Upon being returned to his cage, Roman devoured his evening meal of vegetables and nuggets. Immediately upon finishing this said feast, he took one look at the new clips and started to destroy them. The little shit…

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