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Across the past few days, I have been waging a war. The enemy – individuals who are happy to put the lives of others in danger and make large profits from human tragedy.

The morally bankrupt scumbags that I am trying to bring down, are not a terrorist organisation or the mafia. They are every day people, like you or I – although like me, it is likely you have a conscience. My enemies do not.

You won’t need to have read my recent blog posts to be aware that it is impossible to buy soap, hand sanitiser or toilet tissue anywhere in the UK.

This is because of coronavirus and the resulting panic buying, from the ever-calm and rational British public. Unfortunately, this has given way to a small number of individuals, who I can only describe as ‘ghouls’, purchasing these much sought-after items in bulk, only to sell on eBay for an extortionate price.

I have seen one small bottle of hand gel, which normally retails at 95 pence, being advertised online for in excess of twenty pounds!

Take a look at these items on sale, at the time of me writing this blog…

Clearly I am not the only one to have taken offence to this immoral greed. Here are some of the many negative reviews left alongside the auctions…

I fully understand the anger of those who have written a review – although wishing COVID-19 upon somebody else’s family is going a little too far.

I took the liberty of contacting some of the sellers myself. While I wanted to shout at them “YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING C***S!”, I took a more tactful approach, hoping to pull at their heartstrings, in the hope that they may remove the offensive listings.

As you know, it is impossible to buy hand gel in shops, because people have bought these products in bulk.

As a result, people without these items are unable to buy just one bottle of the gel.

This includes people who fall into the “at risk” category – e.g. the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. To put it bluntly, these people could die if they contract COVID-19.

Many of these people are also suffering financially, so are unable to pay the prices listings like yours are charging.

I suffer from a health condition and am very worried that I cannot find hand sanitizer in any shops. Listings like yours make me upset and angry, as I feel you are profiting from a worldwide disaster that is affecting the health and risking the lives of people across the world.

If you see any more gel, soap, toilet roll at supermarkets etc in the future, please DON’T buy it in bulk. Save it for those who really need it. If you must sell these items on Ebay, at least do so at face value.

Thank you.

The plan to pull heartstrings failed. Apparently, you need to have a heart for that to work.

These are the two replies I received, although they massively missed my point – either through stupidity, or because they can’t face the fact that what they’re doing is immoral.

Thank you for getting in touch and I would agree with most of your points apart from the buying from the supermarket as the stock we hold was not purchased from the supermarket. The product you should know is limited now everywhere and we are selling a limited quantity off to who needs it at a price that reflects the economic situation, put simply supply and demand. I would like to buy in the quantities required in order to bring the price down but I am unable to compete with supermarkets, munufacturers and wholesalers.

Wish you well..

Good Afternoon,

What are you talking about, my items come from wholesalers not retailer???


At least they bothered to respond, unlike the ten or so others I messaged who ignored me.

I wasn’t done there. I contacted eBay…

… and have since been reporting sellers who are selling hand sanitisers and soap at highly inflated prices.

Why not do the same as me? Just hit that ‘Report’ button and completed the form…

Some may say that I have too much time on my hands. I am signed off work on longterm sick, so maybe I do.

However, am I wasting my time and carrying out a pointless exercise by reporting those profiting from disaster and tragedy? Absolutely not.

According to Take That, it only takes a minute to fall in love. The other thing that takes less than sixty seconds, is to report an immoral pig.

If all overpriced listings were taken down and banned, the result would be affordable hand hygiene products, available to all – potentially preventing the spread of COVID-19 and even saving lives.


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