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Posted by sean on 13/04/2016 at 3:33 pm in Television with No Comments

Last night, I started to watch the TV series 11.22.63. The title is not a set of random numbers – it is, in fact, a date which has been written incorrectly, in American format. What it should really read, is 22.11.63 – aka 22nd November 1963.

The series is based upon a Stephen King novel of the same name (yes, even Stephen King writes his dates wrong). Before watching, I was a tad sceptical. Some King films are great, some are rubbish. I’ll give you some examples. The Shining – great. The Mist – rubbish. Misery – great. Pet Semetery – rubbish. OK, I know that Pet Semetary one is a little controversial, as it does have some avid fans (heaven knows why).

11.22.63 isn’t your typical Stephen King horror movie. There are no axe-wielding maniacs, crazed nurses, rabid dogs or creatures from another planet. This is more of a thriller/sci-fi. I have only seen the first episode of the series, and have not read the book, but from what I understand of the plot so far, a man from the modern day discovers a portal, which takes him back to 1960. He must then stay in the swinging 1960’s to try and prevent the assassination of President Kennedy, on 22nd November 1963 – or 22.11.63 if you’re a Yank.

Of course, as anyone who has read a book or watched a movie about time travel will know, you shouldn’t mess with the past; and this is something the lead role discovers when trying to make changes, to try and alter the future.

The series did remind me the BBC sitcom, Goodnight Sweetheart, from the 1990’s; where Gary Sparrow travelled back to war-torn London to have an affair with a barmaid. I am sure Mr. King would love my comparison. Despite the similarities, there are less laughs and more blood than Goodnight Sweetheart.

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I loved it. Why did it take me almost 3 years to discover this show? Thankfully, I have two more seasons to enjoy.

The final episode of Season One is superb. The use of the beautiful piece of music, “Vide cor Meum”, which was the main theme for the Hannibal movie, from 2001, was an excellent touch.

Making Will the psychopath killer, locked in a cell, but used to help solve others murders – like Hannibal Lecter, in Silence of the Lambs – is a stroke of genius, especially as he is totally innocent.

I could blog about this for hours, but it would be pointless. For those of you who haven’t seen the series, you’ll have no idea what I’m on about. Those who have, will see it as old news.

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So far, my week off work has primarily been spent watching the US TV series, Hannibal. It was recommended to me by work colleagues, who also lent me the DVDs. I was warned that it was addictive. They were not wrong. Season one has nearly been done, with another two to go. I’ve probably seen far too many bloody deaths than is healthy and when eating meat, can’t help but wonder if it really is chicken or pork, and not something more sinister…

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This child’s mother is clearly a Tory. Making false promises she knows she will never have deliver…

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Twitter went into meltdown last night. Everyone was tweeting about a murder. In normal circumstances, it would be perfectly justifiable for social media to be awash with activity following a suspicious and violent death. However, the murder in question involved a fictional television character from EastEnders. I neither watch nor care for this soap and appeared to be the only person on the entire internet who was not speculating or giving two shits “who killed Lucy Beale”.

It wasn’t just Twitter which went bizarre over this whole EastEnders tripe. It made the national news. The NATIONAL NEWS! More attention was paid to a pretend murder than real ones!

I never did find out who the killer was. It could have been Dot Cotton and I would be none the wiser. The tweets later in the evening suggested that the soap’s following were hugely disappointed with whoever was finally exposed as the murderer. No doubt after airing their outrage online, they took to the streets and burnt down BBC Headquarters in protest. I haven’t heard the news today, so don’t know if The Whitby Women’s EastEnders Fanclub went through with any acts of arson or not.

I read a tweet which summed up the situation

“If Eastenders is the highlight of your day you should re evaluate your life… that’s my personal thought”

Never were truer words tweeted.

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