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99p from all good motorway service stations.

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I listened into the last half hour of the UK Top 40 this evening. It’s been years since I have taken an interest in the Chart Show. The last time was when South Park’s Chef released Chocolate Salty Balls, which was in contention for Christmas Number 1. Chef didn’t win. I think he missed out to some shite from the Spice Girls.

Tonight, I was hoping for The Wealdstone Raider to be No. 1 and beat Simon Cowell. Sadly, he finished 5th. Considering The Raider’s record has only been out a few days, he has never released anything before or been on a talent show watched by millions, it is a remarkable achievement.

He also beat a lot of other contenders for the Number One spot…

Take That – You’ve got no fans!


Taylor Swift – You’ve got no tunes!


One Direction – You’ve got no ground!


Calvin Harris – I’ll give it ya!


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While you’re all enjoying tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest, cast your minds back to Ireland’s entry from the 1996. My favourite Eurovision song of all time.

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I watched the football this evening, so haven’t seen any of The Brit Awards. I assume The Wurzels won something?

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This was released a decade ago!

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