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After work, I watched the third episode, from the latest X Files season. This has to be the best so far.

As expected, it was, what fans of the show call, a Monster of the Week episode.

It was classic X Files. Lots of violent deaths, under strange circumstances; a cynical Scully; Mulder wanting to believe; and it all coming to ahead at the end.

Oh, and Mulder and Scully had sex… not that you saw anything, but as far as the ongoing “will they? Won’t they?” saga goes, this is pretty big news. A bit like Ross and Rachel from Friends. In next week’s episode, Mulder and Scully are set to have an argument, Mulder will sleep with a white witch, and when an angry Scully finds out, defend himself by saying “We were on a break!”

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It seems that I may be in the minority, when it comes to last week’s episode of the new X Files season. Everyone I have spoken to about it has been disappointed. I really liked it. Perhaps being deprived from any new episodes for so long, made me too generous to a below average start to a season.

The second episode aired on Wednesday night in America, and I was able to watch it today. This was the first “Monster of the Week” episode of the new season.

Based on my contrasting thoughts with everyone else, last week, this will no doubt go down as one of the classics; as I didn’t think much of it at all.

Everyone’s favourite characters, The Lone Gunmen, returned. Except they didn’t. Two of the trio- Frohike and Byers – were missing (presumed still dead). Only Langley made an appearance, and it wasn’t really him – I can’t say anymore, without revealing too much of the plot.

The episode, which focused on dead people living on in a digital form – to put it into very basic terms – had it’s entertaining moments… I enjoyed the graveyard scene and fight in the complex, but some bits of the episode were silly.

While it was a Monster of the Week episode, I would rather have an actual monster. You know – ghosts, ghouls and giant, man-eating worms.

Onto next week…

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My blog yesterday may have confused a few. It was in reference to the new season of X Files, which aired in America last night. The art of attaching an ‘X’ to a window, using masking tape, was introduced by lead character, Fox Mulder, during the second series (many, many years ago). I’ll now admit that, as a X Files geek of a teenager, I raided the garden shed for some masking tape, so that I too could pimp my bedroom window with an ‘X’.

The new series won’t hit our televisions for a while, but I found a way to watch it this morning. Let’s just say I caught a plane to New York, checked into a hotel and watched the episode on a television in the bedroom. I’m now back home from the States and am already planning my return next Monday, to watch episode 2.

The episode received mix reviews on Twitter, but I really liked it. Maybe it is because I haven’t seen the series for almost two years. It felt like X Files back to its best. The final scene dropped a massive bombshell, which, if true, is huge for fans. At the moment, I’ll be taking the revelation with a pinch of salt.

Now I have the taste for X Files, I’ll hopefully watch some of the old, classic episodes tomorrow. In the man time, I’m off to buy some masking tape…

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I have received an email, with the subject

Your order of “The X Files: Complete Seasons 1-9 [Blu-ray] ” has been dispatched

I also have a sneaky suspicion that this has already been delivered and is waiting for me back home.

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