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Posted by sean on 01/07/2011 at 10:47 pm in Tennis with No Comments

Going by the fact both Facebook and Twitter exploded this evening, can I assume that the tennis player everyone in Britain has been getting exited about has lost? Does this mean less tennis will be on TV? Now I know how football widows feel when England get knocked out of the World Cup.

Posted by sean on 22/06/2010 at 10:46 pm in Tennis, Work Activities with No Comments

Apparently yesterday was the longest day of the year. I hope everybody made the most of it. From now on, we can look forward to dark evenings, while staying in wearing slippers and drinking cocoa.

Also, I am lead to believe Wimbledon has started again. I do not know anything about tennis, nor do I have any interest in the sport. However, one thing that would get me watching is if the crowd swapped their strawberries and cream for those annoying horns in the World Cup. I would love to see Andy McMurray ‘tee-off’ (or whatever the term is) to the sound of hundreds of vuvuzelas!

Lastly, I am off to a posh hotel tomorrow – The Lansdown Grove Hotel in Bath. Unfortunately, I will only be there for the morning whilst I attend a training course – I will not be staying the night. I’ll keep an eye out for complimentary soap and coffee though.

Posted by sean on 20/06/2005 at 8:27 pm in Cricket, Leeds United, Tennis with No Comments

So Wimbledon is back for two weeks. All tennis fans will get excited about the British players like Tim Henman and how “This is our year”, like with most English sport fans it’s inevitable they’ll end up disappointed.

Mr. L’Ego is one of the favorites for winning Wimbledon 2005

I don’t watch or follow tennis, the only reason I have actually noticed Wimbledon is on is because Neighbours has been cancelled for two weeks! Typical of the BBC (still I won’t be complaining when Neighbours is cancelled for the Football World Cup next summer!).

I would like to congratulate the English cricket team for beating the Aussies yesterday in Bristol. Like with tennis, I am not a cricket fan although was dragged into watching the last half hour of the match. It was (a little) exciting to watch and good to see England beating Australian. I am informed this is the same as the national football side beating Brazil.

Well done Pietersen, now it’s your turn Beckham!

There was more sport yesterday, the USA Grand Prix. What farce! Due to safety fears over tyres, 14 of the 20 cars pulled out. The FIA did bugger all to prevent this, the sport has heavily declined over the years and yesterday’s decision did nothing to change this.

Still, the best sport in the world isn’t far off. The Championship is back on TV on 6th August, The Premiership the following week. All the fixtures are released this Thursday.

There doesn’t seem to have been many football transfers so far this summer. OK, there have been a few small moves; Leeds held their annual sale selling the excellent Aaron Lennon to Spurs. Usually though there’s a big £20-£30million signing, mind you besides Chelsea it seems every football club in England is broke and cannot afford these transfer fees, let alone the crazy wages these players command.

“Boy for sale! Boy for sale!”

I expect Leeds are lining up a £60million double swoop for Adriano and Gerrard. They’ve already turned down an offer of a loan for Frank Lampard from Chelsea as they cannot offer him a regular first team place! Now if you believe all that, you probably trust Tony Blair :o)

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