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Posted by sean on 08/09/2015 at 3:39 pm in Chocolate, Spiders, Video Games with No Comments

Ben has reminded me that the Mario Builder package for the Wii U is out this weekend. This is a game I am too excited about than I should be, considering I am a fully grown man. The game basically allows you to create your own Mario levels; playing them in traditional NES 8-bit style, with SNES ‘Super Mario World’ graphics, or in modern high resolution. My order has been placed with Amazon, and I’ll be hoping to see the game dropping no my doorstep on Saturday – or better still, Friday – morning.

I like chocolate and probably eat too much of it. Although let’s be fair, who doesn’t? I was offered some chocolate at work. Normally, I would gratefully receive and devour such an offering. However, in this case, I took a more cautious approach to consuming the ‘gift’. It was a Peppa Pig advent calendar. I seem to remember Julie bringing these into the office last Christmas, after buying them from Sainsbury’s for 15p. I left mine back then, as it didn’t taste very nice. For me to reject chocolate, it must have been bad! So not only was today’s chocolate offering of poor quality almost a year ago, it is now no doubt out of date. Despite having mid-afternoon munchies, I declined the offer. The advent calendar is now in the bin. I felt a little sad to do this to chocolate, but I didn’t really want to risk catching the bubonic plague.

With Autumn fast approaching, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures dropping. The spiders are also coming into our houses. To prevent this at home, I tend to leave our doors and windows closed, wherever possible. Ideally they would be sealed and air-tight, but I realised in doing this, that I would probably die. Ben is very prone to feel the heat, and would probably wear shorts and a t-shirt on a visit to the North Pole. As a result, he constantly has the office windows open. I raised my concerns this morning that this will attract all kinds of spiders into our office, with some huge beasts no doubt under our desks already. I was laughed at. This afternoon, we have noticed a new member of the team. Not a spider (luckily), but a cricket. He has been named Orelo – I have absolutely no idea why. I prefer to call him Batty. Batty… Bat… Cricket… Cricket bat? I give up…

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You were warned. I found this gruesome discovery this morning, after opening my desk drawer. This poor chocolate bar met an awful fate after being left in the office over the hot weekend.

I find it sickening how so much publicity goes into reminding people not to leave dogs in hot cars, yet there are hardly any public service announcements, warning of the dangers of unattended chocolate bars in warm weather.

The government or somebody should really set up a group to look after chocolate. “The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chocolate”, or NSPCC for short. Unfortunately, it is a poor reflection on this country, as this will never happen, and more chocolate bars will be lost (and melted) this summer.

I will do my best to save this unfortunate bar of Galaxy, by placing it in the fridge for a few hours. Sadly, it’ll never recover to its original state.

Luckily, the Double Decker, which was also left in my desk drawer managed to survive the hot weekend and did not melt. I have eaten it.

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Since when did they discontinue the Strawberry Creme Quality Streets? They were my favourite. I’ve only just got over the coffee flavour sweets being axed.

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This evening, I have been studying The Bible to see where in The New Testament it states that those celebrating Easter can stay in bed late, eat lots of chocolate, drink alcohol and watch football. When I find it, I know I will have pleased God.

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Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, they’re great aren’t they! The tastiest chocolate money can buy and what’s more is that they’re better than normal eggs – they don’t come out of a chicken’s bottom and can be eaten raw without contracting salmonella.

There are however two problems I find with these tasty treats…

Firstly they are only available for sale at this time of year. It is a dream of many to be able to eat a Crème Egg on Christmas Day. Alas this is just a dream. Nobody knows what would happen if you were to eat a Crème Egg on 25th December. There are fears that it could affect the Space-Time Continuum or even cause the Universe to implode. Cadburys are indeed wise to keep the eggs restricted.

Secondly, these eggs are so small. Anybody who has ever had a Cadbury’s Crème Egg Easter Egg will have looked at the great big hollow egg and wished it was full of that white and yellow crème you get in the regulars. Alas, it’s not to be. I did come across this website where someone tried to “live the dream” of creating a full sized Crème Egg but it just didn’t look the same. In fact it looks like taramasalata smeared into a coconut shell. Yuck!

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