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Posted by sean on 23/06/2015 at 8:13 pm in Wedding with No Comments

I am delighted to announce that you are now reading the blog of a married man.

Our wedding ceremony took place on Saturday in our beautiful, local church in Weston Village. Everything went to plan. Our family and friends were able to attend, Claire looked beautiful in her fairy tale dress (arriving only a few minutes late!), and I remembered all my vows.

After the ceremony, we greeted everyone who attended the church and posed for hundreds of photos. We were then driven in a luxury, vintage car, from the church to Limpley Stoke Hotel, located on the outskirts of Bath.

This is where the party started. We had many more photographs taken, around the picturesque estate and ground. A magician entertained our guests while we waited for the wedding breakfast. He was fantastic and left us in awe with his magic tricks, which included somehow transferring a playing card we had both signed, into an uncapped bottle of lemonade.

The wedding breakfast was delicious and enjoyed by all. The speeches, from Claire’s father; Simon, my best man; and, of course, me, went down very well. I even managed to get a few laughs from our guests – luckily for the right reasons!

Prior to our wedding, we were told by those married themselves, that the day would fly by. They were not wrong. Before we knew it, our evening guests were arriving, along with our DJ for the night – Stan The Man. The traditional cutting of the cake was made, followed by our first dance, which included an exploding balloon!

My new wife and I were starting to get very tired. We survived until half eleven, before saying our goodbyes and retiring to the bedroom, where we crashed. We were totally exhausted, but very, very happy. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Everything went to plan and I will remember the day for the rest of my life.

Since the wedding day, married life has been good. We have both been off work, and yesterday did our first ‘big shop’ as a married couple – rather boring, I know, but it was special doing just a day-to-day job together, as we are now a Mr and Mrs.

Today has been a day to relax – we need the rest! However amazing our day was, getting married really takes it out of you, both physically and mentally. We’re off to Longleat tomorrow, to see the lions, tigers and monkeys. Married life is good.

Posted by sean on 19/06/2015 at 8:31 pm in Wedding with No Comments

Wedding rehearsal now done. I’ve left my soon-to-be wife at home, as I am spending the night at my Dad’s. The next time I’ll see Claire will be at the church. Eeek!

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This is my last half hour in work as a married man. When I return, I will have a ring on my finger and a wife around my arm (although granted, Claire won’t be coming into work with me “in body”, despite the fact her ward is only a short walk from my office).

I work in a lovely team. When I arrived at my desk, I was greeted by a stuffed toy frog. Julie had made it for me at her Craft Club, as a wedding present. I’ll upload a photo of it later. Later in the morning, the entire department gathered round, while someone read out a brilliant speech about women, life and all the stuff that comes with marriage. I was then presented with an exciting looking envelope – although, as it is addressed to Claire as well as myself, I have had to refrain from opening it just yet!

I must say, I was very touched, if not a tad embarassed – although the whole thing was really nice.

If you work with me and are reading this, thank you!

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In four days, I will be a married man. This time on Saturday (at the moment of writing this blog), the wedding of the century will be in full-swing, with the ceremony concluded, vows read and rings exchanged. This is something I am still struggling to comprehend.

Lots of people have been contacting both Claire and myself; many offering helpful advice and passing on their good wishes. I have been asked if I am nervous. A week ago, my response to that was always “No”. The past few days, however, I have been having mini moments of panic, when the realisation of what will be happening this weekend hits me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of marriage – it is something I really, really want – I just want the day to go well. That is the reason for my anxiety. During these scary moments, I lose all appetite, cannot sleep and feel unwell. Luckily, these bouts of panic are few and far between, and in fact are becoming less frequent as the day approaches. I think it helps being at work. I’m too busy solving IT problems to sit around and think about the wedding.

I am sure this won’t be my last blog before the biggest day of my life, but if it is, wish me luck and think about us.

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It occurred to me on Monday that I will be getting married next week. At the end of April, I posted this blog. The blog post stated that I would be getting married in 54 days – now it is just 10! I put together a to-do-list. With the big day just around the corner, let’s see how much of this has been achieved…

Organise a stag party
Didn’t happen. Claire had her Hen Night, watching lots of men strip off in a play called The Full Monty. I should really have done something similar and gone out to watch a load of tits, but by that point the football season had finished, so the Leeds United players were all on their holidays. Boom boom!

Buy shoes for wedding
I did this! I deserve a medal. Not only did I buy one pair of shoes, I bought two. One for the wedding (brown) and a second pair for the honeymoon (black). I have also ordered some Converse trainers (those posh-looking daps) to wear in the evening of the wedding, although I’m still waiting for these to be delivered. It’s taking a while, so I expect they’re still being made by some 8 year old in a sweatshop somewhere, thousands of miles away. BIG LEGAL NOTICE: Converse trainers are NOT, I repeat NOT, made in sweatshops, or by children.

Buy clothes for honeymoon
Done. A second medal for me. I ordered lots of clothes. From John Lewis, from Primark, from Amazon. Even from the Leeds United clearout store. I hope I have enough things to wear. I’ve never been away for two weeks, except as a child, when my parents packed all my stuff. I went to Weymouth for a couple of nights and Butlins – hardly two weeks away from Bath. What an adventure. I feel like Bear Grylls.

Write my speech
This was finally finished yesterday. I am pleased with it. I’ll be running it by people over the next few days, most likely starting with my Mum. I will probably post it on here after the wedding, unless it fails epically, in which case it’ll be destroyed, never to be seen again.

Finish ‘list of things I need to do before the big day’
Seeing as nobody else replied to this, I assume I covered everything. If I do indeed forget anything, I will therefore blame all by blog readers – all two of them, plus about 1,000,000 bots. That means you!

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