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Posted by sean on 05/04/2018 at 3:53 pm in Health with No Comments

Since my last blog, I have acquired a new set of wheels. However, these are not the traditional set of wheels you would expect me to buy, for it is not a car. A few weeks ago, I purchased a brand new, shiny mobility scooter.

Over the years, I have been known to be lazy. At times, this has been justified – for example, the time I moved into a flat of my own, and considered using paper plates and plastic cutlery, to save me from washing up. In this instance, however, I believe that I am more than justified…

For those of you who do not know me, or haven’t seen me for years, I suffer from a condition called scoliosis. This has caused my back to curve, for me to shrink in height and have severe walking difficulties. Indeed, I would not be able to walk without a crutch. Even with such a walking aid, I find getting about very difficult and painful.

Then one day it came to me. I was asked why I should have to put up with pain and struggle, while doing something as simple was walking. Since developing scoliosis, I have always tried to retain independence and dignity, so ruled out wheelchairs and such like. However, the option of not having to push myself through the pain barrier, on a daily basis, was one I now consider crucial.

Since becoming a scooter-user, I feel a lot less stressed, both mentally and physically. My fears of losing independence and dignity have proved untrue. In fact, I have gained greater independence, as I now have the option to visit places I would have struggled to a few months ago. I even feel more dignified. The sight of a man in a mobility scooter, riding along the pavement and office, looks far less strange than that of somebody with a crutch, dragging their body, clearly in pain, down the street.

Living round the corner from work, I can easily “ride” from my house. While many car drivers struggle to find somewhere to park their vehicles, I have a designated space, just feet away from my desk. Pretty cool, huh?

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