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Posted by sean on 30/04/2004 at 11:22 pm in Geek Stuff with No Comments

I’m getting an upgrade to my broadband connection! Not that free one being offered by numerous cable companies as I’m on ADSL, I’ve upgraded my package to a 1mbps connection! Nice!

Went to see Secret Window tonight too – the new Johnny Depp film. Based upon a Stephen King book. It seems to me that movies based upon his films are either crap (Thinner) or superb (The Shining, Misery). This one is good, but certainly not a classic. It has a massive twist at the end! Highlight the text in the black box if you want to know what it is, although if your planning on seeing the film, I don’t recommend it!

Johnny Depp was the killer all along!

Finally, it may be a great 3 day weekend (with Bank Holiday Monday), but it is also a worrying one for me. Leeds United could potentially be relegated on Sunday, should Manchester City beat Newcastle on Saturday and Leeds lose to Bolton on Sunday. Worrying times.

Posted by sean on 26/04/2004 at 7:18 pm in Website Stuff with No Comments

Well, my homepage is finally online. After many attempts at Elland (a Leeds United website), I gave up. It was simply too time consuming to keep the news pages up to date and as any football fan will know, Leeds United has been in the media an awful lot these last few years – sadly a lot of the time for the wrong reasons. I still love Leeds so will post on and on about them though!

This website is just full of random stuff… well crap actually. If I see or read something if interest or funny I’ll stick it on here. Less commitment on my part and unlike the Leeds website, not all depressing stories!

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