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Posted by sean on 29/04/2007 at 9:10 pm in Life In Bath with No Comments

Sunday afternoon was spent walking alongside The River Avon with Mr. Watkins. We walked from The George Pub in Bathampton to the locks at Widcombe and back again, stopping along the way for a picnic.

Here are some snapshots from the day.

A train which went speeding past during our picnic

Another train

This boat followed us all the way from Bathampton to Widcombe.
The people aboard were playing music for the whole journey – it was annoying.

The City of Bath

Bath’s Ghetto

A tunnel

I took a picture of a swan.
I don’t think it liked having its photo taken…

… as it went mental

I think I may recycle Mr. White’s bike

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On the same afternoon that saw Leeds United effectively relegated to League One, Bath City played out their last day of the season, beating Rugby Town 6-0.

After the game, a presentation took place. The players were all given winners medals and handed the league shield. I have never seen a football trophy that big – it was larger than the European Cup! After a lot of singing and champagne, there was a pitch invasion where fans and players congratulated one another in wonderful scenes.

I have been to most of City’s home games this season – the only ones I have missed were when I was watching Leeds. Non-league football differs so much from the big, money orientated professional game. There is more respect between the fans and the club. The players give their all and always have time for the supporters.

I have fallen in love with my little local club, the fans and the players. Roll on next season!

Here are some photos from the day.

“Tonight Matthew, I’ll be Cristiano Ronaldo”

“Hoggy! Hoggy! Hoggy!”

In an attempt to stop City scoring more, Rugby ask for a ball change

“It’s Macca! Macca is back!!”

It’s just like watching Brazil

We Are The Champions!

We beat both Man Utd and Chelsea to the title!

Another pitch invasion!

More pictures of the pitch

Gethin Jones shields himself from an attacking child

The Incredible Hulk

Posted by sean on 28/04/2007 at 6:24 pm in Leeds United with No Comments

My blog celebrates its third birthday this weekend. One of the first blog entries I made was my thoughts on Leeds United’s relegation from The Premier League to The Championship. Three years on I am blogging again about another relegation for Leeds, this time to the far reaches of League One.

I know that there are many people to blame for this. People who have not given the effort Leeds United deserves. People who have financially raped the football club and its fans. People who don’t deserve to be associated with a football club as great as Leeds.

These people are as follows.

Ken Bates – senile old man from Chelsea, living in tax exile. Think that says it all.

Kevin Blackwell – his tactics in Cardiff last May cost Leeds a place in the Premiership. His signings left Leeds with an overweight, elderly squad, fit for relegation.

John Carver – just because he’s a Geordie who worked with the great Sir Bobby Robson, it doesn’t make him any good. During his short time in charge, he humiliated Leeds at the highest of levels. I will never forget losing 5-1 at Luton.

Kevin Nicholls – spineless captain who wanted out when he was needed most.

David Healy – a prime example of a player putting country before club.

Jonathan Douglas – given the captains armband. Is sent off late into the season, simply for losing his temper.

The whole first team squad – On paper, a squad capable of pushing for promotion. The sack of shit let everyone down. Useless twats. I am also a Bath City fan and watched The Stripes battle week in, week out. When I’ve watched Leeds, they have lacked any fight. That is why Bath are champions and Leeds are down!

I hope that next season all of the above have fucked off and will disassociate themselves from Leeds United Football Club.

Two Leeds United employees I do have time for are the manager Dennis Wise and his assistant Guy Poyet. Both have worked under extremely difficult circumstances. I hope they stay at Elland Road and help in next seasons rebuild.

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Unsurprisingly, my broadband is still not live. I spent a long time on the phone to TalkTalk’s customer “services” representatives yesterday and got nowhere. At one point I was told to call back “sometime… no… in 15 minutes… errr…. in 30 minutes… it’s up to you”. Professionalism at its best, I am sure you can agree.

This morning I tracked down Charles Dunstone’s personal e-mail address. Believe it or not, it’s not – Mr. Dunstone doesn’t use TalkTalk – further proof that he is more of a crook than an idiot.

After sending a strongly worded e-mail (with a slight threat of legal action) to, I received this reply.

Dear Mr. ######

Many thanks for your email, I am extremely sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing with the connection of your broadband account and concerned that you have had to contact to me in search of resolution.

I have got someone investigating what has gone wrong and we will be back to you shortly.

In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies

Charles Dunstone

I Googled a line from it and it has been sent out to other customers. A little annoying, but at least I’m getting somewhere…

1) He has stated, in writing, that he will investigate the problem – a valuable piece of documentation should I ever need to take legal action.

2) The Google search only threw up a few results. This was not an automated response, somebody did read it. Maybe it was Charles, maybe his secretary, maybe the cleaner – but somebody did read and acknowledged it.

3) He’s investigating what happened. Now, I know he isn’t the most trustworthy man in the world, but after reading web forums, it does sound like he gets stuff done.

I will keep you informed.

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Sorry to anyone offended by that blog title. No apologies however to Charles Dunstone, the Managing Director of The Car Phone Warehouse and the infamous internet service provider, TalkTalk.

Last month I signed up for their telephone and internet service, ignoring poor media publicity received by the ISP. On hindsight I made a terrible mistake. My TalkTalk phone line is working (I’ve been one of the lucky ones), however my broadband is not.

My broadband “go live” date is now over a week late. It is not as if they have haven’t had long enough to sort it out (I have been a customer for almost 6 weeks). I have been given various connection dates by their staff – none of which have been met. What’s more, when I do finally get connected, I can look forward to broadband speeds which equal that of a 56k modem! My dad is unfortunate enough to have the service and downloading music, videos and anything else you would expect to do on broadband technology is impossible!

Luckily TalkTalk offer a 30 day trial to new customers as of January 2007 (I pity those who signed up last year). As soon as I go live on my broadband, I am getting out of their “service” immediately, returning to BT and finding an independent ISP.

A final warning about TalkTalk and their founder…


Mr. Dunstone, if by chance you are reading this blog and would like to discuss these issues with me, feel free to get in touch. If you can prove to me that you can provide a good service and fulfil your companies promises, I will indeed stay with TalkTalk and withdraw my comments.

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