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Posted by sean on 30/09/2007 at 7:49 pm in Bath City, Football, Fun At Home, Hamster, Leeds United, Video Games with No Comments

I was planning on writing an extensive blog on all the events from the weekend, but quite frankly, I can’t be bothered right now. I think I may be ill. I have a headache, sore throat and don’t feel well. My medical diagnosis points to a cold, but I am not ruling out a case of bluetongue.

So, like a lazy blogger, will just be summarising the last few days…

Fifa 08 & Halo 3
Both excellent games. Why do they have to be released in the same week!? I keep beating people at Fifa online; unfortunately I’m not as good on Halo.

Dennis Wise
Dennis Wise (the hamster, not the manager) has been unwell. He had the shits. I think I fed him too much lettuce – so much for “Five a day” being a good idea. He’s firmed up now and is pooping hard pellets.

Simon and Watkins came round on Friday night, and we cooked burgers. My flat now stinks of beef. Never again will I be cooking that many. I also forgot to fit the drip tray to my grill – liquid fat went everywhere! Never, ever again!

Bath City
I went to Truro to watch City in the FA Cup. Crap game, horrible ground and some nasty fans. Only plus points being Bath won (just), they were selling Cornish pasties and had Thatcher’s cider on tap.

Leeds United
Lost their 100% record after drawing 1-1 with Gillingham. Ref was apparently a useless toerag and sent two Leeds players off. Dennis Wise (the manager, not the hamster) must have been furious; jumping up and down, his eyes wobbling all over the place.

Hahaha – going down with the Derby!

Posted by sean on 29/09/2007 at 7:28 am in Video Games with No Comments

Sorry about the lack of recent blogs; later this evening or tomorrow, I will blog about the last few days; including my two new Xbox 360 games (Halo 3 and Fifa 08), the dodgy bowels of Dennis Wise (the hamster, not manager) and last nights adventures with Simon and Watkins.

I’m up at this ridiculously early time because I have to go to Cornwall. Bath City are playing Truro in the FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round. Dedication or stupidity? You decide.

Posted by sean on 26/09/2007 at 9:50 pm in Life In Bath, Pubs with No Comments

I had to go into town his afternoon to buy Halo 3 (a game I’ll blog about later in the week). The visit reminded me why I visit the city centre as little as possible.

While sitting down, enjoying a snack from the bakery, Sam and I were approached by an old tramp. Like most “crustys” in Bath, this one wanted money. Anyone who has been to any city, anywhere in the world will have been approached by a beggar asking for money to “buy a cup of tea”, “get a bus home” or simply requesting some “spare change”. You always know the money is going to end up fuelling the drugs industry. Today’s tramp, however, was a little more honest. He approached us, and without beating about the bush, came out and said “Can I have some money for some weed?” I commended him on his honesty, but still gave him fuck all.

Then, while boarding the bus home, my journey was delayed by some awful woman. There was some confusion when purchasing her bus ticket, and when it looked to have been resolved, she continued to moan to the poor bus driver about what a rubbish day she had just had. This went on for a considerable amount of time, with 30+ people were sitting on the bus, waiting to get home. It was as if nobody else was on that vehicle but her, and the driver was her agony aunt. Selfish biatch. She looked a minger, too. If you buy a copy of “The Oxford Picture Dictionary”, and look up “Chav”, you will find a photo of her.

Later on, Simon and I went to The Dolphin for a couple of pints and some dinner. While enjoying our food and drink, we watched the Carling Cup goals coming through on Ceefax – no expense spared down in my local pub! Very pleased that Manchester United lost to Coventry City, although if you try to wind up any ManU fan, they’ll tell you they don’t give a shit about the competition. Inside though, they’ll be crying.

Posted by sean on 25/09/2007 at 8:43 pm in Hamster with No Comments

My new hamster’s name is now officially DENNIS WISE, in honour of the great Leeds United manager, and the fact they both have wobbly eyes. Many people I know have threatened to call the RSPCA, simply because of my choice of name – a tad unfair, I must say.

I have owned many hamsters as a child, but these died and had some unfortunate accidents; rolling down the stairs while inside their exercise wheel, jumping off a balcony, falling into a bowl of washing up liquid and taking a swim in a fish tank. All these events, surprisingly, left the poor creatures unharmed.

To avoid any further accidents, I checked out this website. I was most amused by this Q&A.
Do I need to clean my hamster?
Hamsters don’t need to be cleaned, they can clean themselves with their paws.
I’m finding all sorts out about hamsters, I never knew before!

Wisey is currently safe and well, and running in his wheel. He never stops moving, apart from this afternoon when he was fast asleep and I woke him up. Annoyingly for Dennis, now he is awake and ready to play, I can’t be arsed to get him out!

Posted by sean on 24/09/2007 at 9:10 pm in Hamster with 2 Comments

Introducing my new hamster! Don’t ask why I bought it, I just did. He is currently unnamed, but on the naming shortlist is

1) Dennis (Wise)
2) Gus (Poyet)
3) Phil Walsh
4) Dave
5) Simon
6) Samprass
7) Father Jack

He hasn’t bitten me once (yet), despite being woken from his slumber on a number of occasions. When not sleeping, he is extremely erratic, climbing on his bars and he’s running in his fucking wheel – a very noisy habit, and one he’ll be prevented of doing at night (I’ll disconnect it from the side of the cage).

More on the hamster in future blogs. Feel free to suggest names for him, or start taking bets on his lifespan under my care. Skybet are currently offering odds of 3/1 on 2 weeks.

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