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Posted by sean on 29/10/2007 at 11:43 pm in Leeds United with 2 Comments

Having stumbled across this online petition, it would seem that every club in League One is crapping themselves at the sight of the famous Leeds United in the Play Off places, who have already overturned a 15 point deficit and remained unbeaten.

Apart from these terrified League One fans, jealous League Two supporters and nervous Championship followers (anticipating Leeds’ return next season), it seems nobody else has signed this petition, apart from, very comically, Leeds fans themselves. Maybe they’re hoping Gordon Brown will enforce a 30-point penalty; at least Dennis Wise and the gang will face some kind of a challenge to win the league!

Posted by sean on 28/10/2007 at 10:52 pm in Football, Pubs with No Comments

Friday night, while in the local pub, I noticed a rather pathetic sight. A middle aged man; fat and balding, walking around, dressed head to toe in a Manchester United kit, with TEVEZ 32 printed on the back. Why do these overweight 40-somethings feel the need to dress up as their idols? It wasn’t just because he was a ManU fan, if he was wearing a Leeds shirt with BECKFORD 9 on the back, he would look just as ridiculous; some may argue more so.

Posted by sean on 28/10/2007 at 10:52 pm in Pizza with No Comments

Following a rather disappointing FA Cup exit for a battling Bath City, I met up Simon and Watkins for the evening. We decided to get pizza from the local takeaway, which caused rather a few problems. Simon ended up humiliating himself, while at the same time insulting an Italian man. The conversation went something like this.

Simon: “Can I order a Meat Feast pizza please?”
Italian: “Certainly, sir”
Simon: “Can you put beef on it as an extra topping?”
Italian: (rather confused) “It has beef”
Simon: “No. Can I have beef as an extra topping please!”
Italian: (now more confused) “But there is beef!”
Simon: (getting rather annoyed and speaking slowly) “Can I have some ‘B-E-E-F’ on my ‘P-I-Z-Z-A’?”
Italian: (points at the menu) “Mincemeat is beef; that is on pizza”

At that point Simon realised his mistake, paid the man and waited for his pizza; hoping the Italian he had just insulted wouldn’t violate it with his genitalia.

Posted by sean on 24/10/2007 at 10:39 pm in Bath City with No Comments

Brilliant result!
Fantastic game!
The stuff of dreams!
Newport County 2-3 Bath City!
Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya?

A useful tip I learnt from tonight…
Don’t stand in the main terrace of the home fans and cheer when your team scores. I was surrounded by hundreds of angry Welshmen, and got rather scared. So much so, I headed for the seated stands in the second half and discretely watched City win the wonderful match, amongst grumpy old ex-miners moaning at the players, referee and management team.

Posted by sean on 23/10/2007 at 10:37 pm in Bath City, Football with No Comments

This evening I went to Twerton Park to watch the Bath City Youth take on Tiverton Youth in the FA Youth Cup. Some 120 miles away, Arsenal seniors played Slavia Prague in the UEFA Champions League.

  • The “Bath Babes” lost 3-0. Arsenal won 7-0.
  • The football I watched was playground stuff. Arsenal’s was sublime.
  • The referee at Twerton was teaching the boys how to play; whereas the official at The Emirates was struggling to communicate with all the different nationalities.
  • The lino at Twerton had a beer belly and man breasts. The linesman at The Emirates had a tan and botox treatment.
  • I paid £2 to get in. Some Gooners were charged in excess of £200.
  • I stood with two other City fans, pitchside in an otherwise empty stand. Arsenal fans were packed like sardines, hundreds of feet up, in their superbowl-style stadium.
  • I stood shivering hoping I wouldn’t catch hyperfermia. Arsenal fans enjoyed their warm, heated seats. At least four fans now have piles.
  • I forced down a bottle of Coke and a Crunchie bar. Arsenal fans dined on prawn sandwiches and caviar; all washed down with lashings-upon-lashings of Cava.

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