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Posted by sean on 31/08/2008 at 10:19 pm in Television with 1 Comment

Simon Cowell is a bastard. This rendition of the theme from Titanic was brilliant. Had the contestant not been so young back in 1997, I am sure she would have done a better job than that horse-faced Celine Dion! I would certanly buy her music.

Bring Guylene back!

Posted by sean on 31/08/2008 at 9:15 pm in Insects with No Comments

I’ve just had to kill a massive moth that was flying around the flat. At least I think it was a moth… going by the size of the beast, it may have been a type of bat.

Posted by sean on 31/08/2008 at 3:37 pm in Fun At Home with No Comments

I have spent the afternoon defrosting my freezer. It had got to the stage where the door wouldn’t close because it was so full of ice, so I thought I should clean it – after all I haven’t done so since I moved in 18 months ago.

I was amazed that the small box on top of the fridge could produce so much ice. I know the ice caps are melting in the Arctic – well I have plenty of the stuff sitting in my kitchen sink if the Eskimos want to buy any.

Posted by sean on 30/08/2008 at 10:20 pm in Bath City with No Comments

I don’t understand tennis terminology, but as both teams drew, don’t they call that ‘juice’?

Posted by sean on 30/08/2008 at 11:32 am in Bath City with No Comments

This afternoon I will be watching Bath City play Wimbledon. No, the players haven’t given up on football and turned to tennis; although Manchester United’s Paul Scholes last night quit the game to start a career in volleyball.

Wimbledon are a famous football club who were formed in the olden days (152 BC to be exact), working their way up from non-league to the Premiership. Many well-known players represented them over the years including Dennis Wise (the player, not my pet hamster) and Hollywood superstars Vinnie Jones and Samuel L Jackson.

A few years ago, they ran into a spot of financial trouble when someone forgot to pay the gas bill. The club was sold to a man with a lot of money and not many brains. This man thought it would be a laugh to move the football club from their London-based home all the way to Milton Keynes. To add to the joke, he renamed the club to MK Dons.

The Wimbledon fans thought this joke was as funny as the BBC TV series My Family, and decided to set up their own football club in non-league. This newly formed team, known as AFC Wimbledon, have done rather well lately; so much so they have found their way into Bath City’s highly prestige league – the Conference South.

The supporters are well known for their massive fanbase and are often bring in excess of 2,000 away fans – exactly 2,000 more than Team Bath brought to Twerton last week.

It should be a cracking game! In their league days, Wimbledon were famous for conceding some amazing goals. Take a look at this beauty from Leeds United’s Tony Yeboah.

Apparently David Beckham scored a good goal against them, but I don’t remember it (it can’t have been that famous) have a look on Youtube :o)

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