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I stumbled across this blog post, which I made in 2010; at the time of Russia and Qatar being awarded the World Cup hosting rights. At the time, it smelt of shit to me, it smelt of shit to everyone else, therefore it clearly was shit. Given the recent news on FIFA corruption, it looks like I was right, along with everyone else in the world.

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As you’ll know, as you’re reading this, my website address is Years and years ago, it was Despite changing the website name and address, I kept, so anyone with this old address would be redirected here.

I’ve now received an email, telling me is about to expire. To renew the domain costs money. Money I would rather spend on better things like DVDs, Wii U games and cake. I like cake. I don’t like giving companies money to run my website – people should be paying me to blog! I have to make a stand! Less money for the domain sellers and more money for Mr. Kipling!

I fully expect someone else to buy my address when it runs out and probably use it for selling dodgy stuff. Do I care? Not really. If any of my readers are still going through the old way, they deserve to find themselves on the Dark Web – you never know, a dodgy site will probably be better than this blog…

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Most people don’t normally encounter problems when putting up their Christmas tree. The worst you’ll get is with the fairy lights, when one has died and they all go; although these days they’re all LED, anyway, so it doesn’t seem to matter.

Last week, I put the tree up in our house. This was a success. Today, the office tree was dragged from a dark, spider-filled cupboard, before being dusted down. We were all given the task of putting the branches together. Unlike the tree at home, the one in the office was white. It was also covered in glitter. This resulted in me getting glitter EVERYWHERE – all over my clothes, all over the desk and all over my face. The photo before doesn’t really do it justice – I can assure you, I was sparkling.

For some reason, none of my other colleagues got glittery, despite some of them doing a lot more work with the tree than I did.

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I have received an email, with the subject

Your order of “The X Files: Complete Seasons 1-9 [Blu-ray] ” has been dispatched

I also have a sneaky suspicion that this has already been delivered and is waiting for me back home.

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