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Posted by sean on 20/06/2017 at 6:24 pm in Wedding with No Comments

It is hard to believe, as time seems to have gone so fast, but today is Claire and my second wedding anniversary.

Two years on, we are very happily married.

If you would like to send us a gift, please leave your email address in the comments below, and I’ll send you my postal address. I also accept cash, cheques, bank transfer and PayPal 🙂

Posted by sean on 20/06/2017 at 5:43 pm in Work Activities with No Comments

I had a bad start to the week. After arriving at work, I headed to the kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge. Upon opening the fridge door, a large bottle of milk literally flew out, as if it was trying to escape.

I looked down at the bottle on the floor, wondering what on earth had happened. Moments later, the lid of the bottle fell off and the entire contents of a previously full bottle proceeded to spill onto the carpet and under the fridge.

Hot weather + spilt milk = a smelly office.

With help from a colleague, the spillage was covered in tissues, which were of no use at all. Our office cleaner kindly did his best to clean up the remainder of the mess.

I sent an email round the department – partly moaning at whoever had placed the milk in the fridge in such a way that it would jump out at whoever had the audacity to open the door, and partly to apologise for having the audacity for opening the door and spilling their milk for the week.

Posted by sean on 17/06/2017 at 7:07 pm in Fun At Home with No Comments

I received this in the post today from Amazon…

Given the size of the box, what would you expect to find in it? A games console? A small television? A pile of bricks?

No. In this massive cardboard box, there was this… a packet of small water funnels.

Posted by sean on 16/06/2017 at 8:53 pm in Have I Got News For You, Politics with No Comments

Like everyone else in the country, I have been left feeling very saddened by the fire in London, which destroyed an entire block of flats and killed potentially hundreds.

It is now a few days since the catastrophe, and like many, I have had time to reflect and ask “why did this happen?”. While there is yet to be an investigation into the cause of the tragedy, it has been widely reported that the block of flats were refurbished on the cheap, with flammable material and no obvious signs of fire alarms, extinguishers or sprinklers.

It has since emerged that the Tories voted against introducing a law, which would force landlords to ensure the safety of the properties they rent to tenants. Coincidentally, many Conservative MPs are landlords themselves…

The unnecessary loss of life caused by the fire is simply devastating. Hundreds of people would have gone to bed, only to wake up with a room full of toxic smoke and fire, with no means of escape. The reports of parents throwing their children from upper floors of the flat shows just how horrific it must have been to be trapped in a burning flat.

This was all avoidable. Had the Tories voted with the wellbeing of tenants in mind, instead of for personal and selfish financial gain, the tragedy could have been avoided. A placard being carried by a protestor summed it up perfectly – “CORPORATE GREED”.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, attended the scene of the disaster within hours. The Queen and Prince William were not far behind; all giving support to the victims. The Prime Minister,  Theresa May, only managed to meet some of the brave firefighters. The photos of her with the unsung heroes, which have been circulated on social media, show her with a look boredom on her face, suggesting that she would rather be somewhere else. I will credit Mrs May – she eventually did visit a hospital, to meet some of the poor people injured in the fire. This was only after a national outcry at her lack of activity.

I have never known the country to be in this much of a mess. It reminds me of the Margaret Thatcher era, although I only know about what happened from books and television. I remember being a child and my parents being very upset by the Baroness. Sadly, I am now experiencing what they felt all those years ago. Thatcher and May are cut from the same cloth.

Finally, I send my best wishes to all those affected by the devastation. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Posted by sean on 10/06/2017 at 5:56 pm in Politics with No Comments

While tidying the house this morning, I found this leaflet. It had been chucked through the letterbox by a Tory, before Thursday’s election.

It made me laugh. Bye Bye Ben…

However, I am confused. The leaflet promises that a loss of 6 seats would see Jeremy Corby become Prime Minister. Considering the Tories lost 13 seats this week, why is the Wicked Witch of the West still in Number 10?

At least the reverse of the leaflet promises we’ll be “Strong and Stable”…

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