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Awoke shortly after 7am, following a very good sleep. The movement of the ship on the ocean waves certainly helped me rest well. I am not a morning person, so awakening so early on holiday would normally be considered obscene. However, after the great sleep, I actually felt fresh and ready for the day. Struggled to find my sea legs when I first got out of bed. We were going through the Bay of Biscay, which is notorious for bad weather. I think today was rather mild compared to some conditions experienced on this stretch of water. After getting dressed, I had more than got used to the choppy conditions.

We for breakfast in a restaurant, which, like last night, was very nice and luxurious. There was fresh coffee aplenty, which pleased me greatly. My order of scrambled egg on toast, tasted as good as it looked.

After enjoying breakfast, we explored the local shops. I ensured I purchased a replica model of our ship, Britannia. We already have a model of the vessel we sailed on for our honeymoon, Ventura, and I have been telling Claire about buying a second ship for our bookshelf since booking this holiday a year ago.

Have spent the last few hours back in our cabin. Relaxing as the ship sails further south. It is still too cold and close to England for me to sit out on the balcony, although in the last hour, the sun has come out, so hopefully there will be a lot of lounging around tomorrow. Watched a documentary about penguins by David Attenborough on the television hung to the cabin wall.

Claire and her parents have gone to the lower deck for a question and answer session with some of the stars of Tv’s Strictly Come Dancing. As I do not watch this, I am staying upstairs, although will soon be getting cleaned and changed into a black tie suit, as it is the Captain’s Gala this evening.

The main restaurant menu did not really appeal. They had pushed the boat out for the Gala night, the food was very posh, including the likes of quail eggs, caviar and Dodo breast. We therefore decided to attend one of the many other on board restaurants, The Beach House. Ate an amazing starter of Nachos, followed by chicken and vegetables, on a hot rock. When dining out back home, the waiter or waitress may tell us not to touch the plate, as it is hot. I always see that as a dare, and give it a quick prod with my finger. This never results in pain. I was wise enough not to touch the steaming rock holding tonight’s meal. Had I done so, I would be rushed to the medical centre with third degree burns. Finished the meal with an exceptional fruit salad and ice cream.

Following the meal, we headed to the other side of the ship, in order to watch the captain’s speech. Busting a gut to get there on time, after eating a three course meal was not the best idea, and I had to slow down to avoid feeling sick.

The captain welcomed us, telling us of the wonderful ship we are aboard, before introducing us to the senior managers of the many departments of Britannia. There was almost as many managers as Leeds United have had in the last three years.

Headed back to the cabin after, feeling tired after a long day. We missed the night’s entertainment, but apparently it wasn’t one of the holiday’s showcase events.

Watched some television in bed before sleep. A comedy show that we had not seen before called The Job Lot. Claire and I tried to work out if one of the women in the show had also been on Car Share. We later established that it was a different person.

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