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Posted by sean on 27/06/2017 at 8:20 pm in Holiday with No Comments

Had a bad nights sleep. I kept being awoken by my legs twitching. The clocks were put forward by an hour, to stay in line with the ports we will soon be visiting. I was therefore very tired when I woke up at 7am (which my body clock thought was 6 O’clock).

Decided to have a lie in, while Claire and her parents went to the restaurant for breakfast. Awoke sometime later, feeling much better and refreshed. Went to an on-board Costa Coffee for my morning caffeine fix and breakfast (a Danish pastry). A young boy walks past the coffee drinkers, pointing at random elderly women, most sporting bushy blonde hair, asking “Is that Donald Trump?”.

Costa was followed up with a moctail on the upper deck. Am trying to keep this afternoon’s food intake low, as we have a special Indian meal this evening.

Spent a couple of hours in our cabin, enjoying the peaceful, sky blue ocean go by. The weather is starting to heat up, so more drinks were ordered, this time through room service. Was addressed as “Mam” on the telephone. When our drinks did arrive, there was no bottle opener. Advised Claire against using her hands to remover the cap, as didn’t fancy having to deal with accidental slashed wrists, simply for a bottle of Pepsi.

Had a really gorgeous meal in the Indian restaurant Sinduh. The quality of the food was only equalled by the excellent service. Instead of piling a mountain of rice and tikka masala only my plate, like you might get back home, we were given a number of small dishes, many of which I had not tried before.

All curried-out, we went to the nightly show at the theatre. Tonight a number of children’s fairy tails were told in the style of song and dance. The highlight of the show being a giant spider, which managed to crawl off the stage and above many audience members, before spraying web everywhere. It had to be seen to be believed.

Back in our cabin now. The weather is heating up. It looks like tomorrow will be the first day that we will be able to do a spot of sunbathing on our balcony.

Hoping to have a less disturbed night and make it down to the restaurant for breakfast.

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