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Posted by sean on 28/06/2017 at 8:24 pm in Holiday with No Comments

Had a much better night and slept well, although am still struggling to getting up and ready in time for an 8am breakfast.

Spent some of the morning in the fragrance shop, testing out all the products by spraying all over both arms. I now smell like a walking branch of The Body Shop.

Weather is getting hotter. According to the map on our in-cabin television, we are approaching the stretch of sea which separates Morocco from Gibraltar, where you can find Europa Point – the southernmost location in the whole of Europe. Think I’ll enjoy a couple of hours on our balcony.

Sat on our balcony now. It’s so peaceful. Land is approaching, which I am pretty sure to be Africa. As on our previous cruise, I am always fascinated when I see this continent. Having never visited before, I always associate Africa with lions, zebras, hyenas and David Attenborough documentaries.

Before today, the last stretch of land I saw was a Southampton industrial estate, on a grey Sunday evening. The white sand beaches and impressive mountainous range of Morocco, surrounded by a lush blue ocean and caped in sunlight is very different indeed.

Claire has just showered and sprayed herself with all manners to perfume, to go alongside mine from earlier. As I sit outside, lots of floral aromas emanate from our cabin. She has now left our room, to walk to another area of the ship, in order to meet a couple from Strictly Come Dancing. I believe it is the same two who she had her photo taken with, and today is a chance to get it signed. Back home I am a serial autograph hunter, and have celebrities ranging from Murray Walker to Peter Kay in my collection. However, as I am not a viewer of “Strictly”, let alone a fan, I didn’t see the point in getting their signature for myself.

Try to see if I am close enough to Gibraltar to use one of their mobile phone networks. The phone connects somewhere, but I don’t think it is in Europe. Quickly stick flight mode back on my phone, for fear of incurring huge charges for using the ship’s network, or one based in Africa, which I am told is not included in my roaming package. Guess I’ll have to be more patient and wait until we are in Spain tomorrow.

Ordered room service for lunch. With the weather so hot and the views so stunning, it would be rude to abandon our cabin for a buffet with little chance of getting a window seat. A pizza was delivered – totally free – ok, included in the price of our cruise.

Due to my large lunch, my evening meal was only small. Gammon, chips, egg and peas. That may sound a lot, but not when you consider I gave Claire’s Dad my entire steak.

Spent the remainder of the evening in the Live Lounge, drinking a very nice cocktail called a Woo Woo. I’ve heard of these, but never tried one until today. A Michael Buble tribute act called Kai McKenzie performed of the Canadian singer’s greatest hits. He was good, although Claire and I saw Kai on our honeymoon cruise in 2015 and not a lot had changed. As my chair was cleverly pointed away from the stage, I couldn’t see the performance, so while enjoying the music, I people watched. One man and his wife stood close to us, with a face like thunder. I don’t know why they were so pissed off – maybe they were fans of Brian Adams. Tonight was supposed to be a black tie evening, where passengers dress up. I was therefore surprised when an older man staggered into the bar, wearing a baseball cap, scruffy cardigan and dirty jeans. It was clear he was looking for the toilet. Instead of asking one of the many helpful waiters, he tried numerous doors, before pulling at a wall decoration, he clearly believed to be an entrance to a lavatory.

Back in the cabin now. We have our first trip ashore tomorrow – Alicante in Spain. To avoid the added stress of getting up early too, we’ll be getting breakfast in bed – all gratis, of course.

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