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Posted by sean on 30/06/2017 at 1:38 pm in Holiday with No Comments

Today was a busy day. We visited the Spanish city of Barcelona. The excursion was a trip to The Nou Camp, home of the cities world famous football club, FC Barcelona. By the time I got back to the ship, I felt as if I had played 90 minutes for the Barca.

The early start didn’t help with my fatigue. I had to wake up at 7am, and eat a quick breakfast delivered to the cabin. Attempt to make our way to the ship’s exit, without knowing where we would need to get off. The ship was running late, so was yet to properly birth. Problem was, our excursion was due to leave at any moment and we were still stuck on the ship! Eventually we got to the coach, where we were met by a slightly annoyed tour guide.

The original tour of The Nou Camp was very extensive, including visiting to the away team dressing room, press box and pitch side dugouts. Due to Barca playing a game this evening, these attractions were cancelled. Tonight’s match involves Barcelona legends against Manchester United legends. Typical Man United – ruining my day. They actually didn’t… the tour was intense enough as it was, I don’t think I’d have coped with anymore!

Before arriving at the stadium, we were given a coach tour of part of the city of Barcelona. An impressive city. Very large, and although modern in places, it still maintains its historic roots throughout, unlike Alicante, which I thought had become very modern in areas.

The coach park at The Nou Camp is the furthest possible place away from where we had to be. I had to walk for what felt like miles (It wasn’t miles) to the museum. Trophies adorned the building, dedicated to the football club’s history. We even got to see part of the ground itself. The stands seem to go on forever. It is fully believable that the stadium capacity is over 100,000.

Bought a couple of souvenirs. A model of The Nou Camp, complete with grass from the pitch. Apparently, the turf, which was picked in up 2012, never needs to be watered. This sounds all too good to be true, we shall see in if it hasn’t all dried up and died by Christmas. Having had our photo taken at the entrance to the museum, we also bought a book with our mugs imposed into various locations across The Nou Camp and with the team. I am sure everyone back home will believe we actually met Lionel Messi.

The coach took us back to the shipping terminal, through another area of the city, where every other advertisement on the street was for McDonald’s home delivery – a luxury yet to reach UK shores. Stopped in duty free, to collect soft drinks and crisps, which we have struggled to buy on board away from the bars and restaurants.

Had an evening meal in the restaurant, of southern fried chicken, which one waiter found funny because we were from the south of England. There was no show we fancied attending, so spent lots of time and money on the slot machines in the casino. It wasn’t really lots of money. We spent £10; £4 of which we cashed out after spending an enjoyable hour watching the ocean, while drinking vodka and lemonade.

Met a Liverpool fan on the way back to put cabin. He was very nice. We discussed The Nou Camp, Liverpool, Leeds United and our mutual dislike of Manchester United.

Bed was most welcome, after the long day, with lots of walking.

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