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Posted by sean on 01/07/2017 at 1:41 pm in Holiday with No Comments

Today we were meant to be in Cannes, but due to the bad forecast weather, we have birthed in Ajaccio, Corsica. Decided against going ashore, as we have been before, instead option for a day or rest and relaxation.

We were told this morning that the stewards wanted to polish our balcony. Felt it was best we stayed indoors and waited for them to arrive, as did not wish to be in the way. Watched a cookery show filmed in Ajaccio. We were beginning to literally get cabin fever. Headed down a few decks to Costa coffee for a change of scene.

Now back on our balcony. No idea if it received it’s polish or not, but don’t care – the sun is now our side of the ship and we want to make the most of it.

Have spent most of the afternoon enjoying the glorious weather, from our balcony. In the height of the heat, I did go indoors to get a drink and enjoy our cool air conditioning. Started watching Mrs Doubtfire – one of the many films available for free through the television. Will continue with that later in the holiday, as the sun called me back outside.

Spotted a strange object floating in the waters and tried to work out if it was a shopping carrier bag, or a spectacularly large jellyfish. A small boat later ran over it, and I never saw the bag-cum-jellyfish again. A small, solitary duck appeared next to our ship. Two years ago, I saw a little duck in exactly the same place. I wonder if it was the same one?

Today we sail away at 5.30pm. That’s in 40 minutes time, and the port staff are itching to get rid of us already, by releasing the ropes which attach our ship to the keyside and stop it drifting off into the ocean. Away from the ship, locals are constantly beeping their car horns. It sounds as if we are in central New York. Either some special event is taking place, or it is rush hour, and the Corsicans get very frustrated commuting home.

Planning on doing things a little different tonight. We will be leaving our cabin to go to the shops, in search of duty free deals in the fragrance shop. I also need to find a new belt. A lot of people put on weight when they cruise. Somehow my belt has become looser. Very embarrassingly, it fell down, along with my trousers, while disembarking a coach yesterday. Luckily I was wearing underpants and not many people saw!

Ship had a very delayed departure. Two passengers were late back aboard. One of them had been taken ill and had to visit the local hospital. Luckily, they managed to get back on time, so were able to continue with their cruise.

Experienced the roughest stretch of ocean so far, although Claire’s parents tell me this is nothing compared to storms which they have crossed on other shops. Claire and I had to told hands for support, while walking down to the restaurant. Seated next to the window, where I was able to watch the dramatic waves outside. Luckily the only effect the rough seas had on me was lack of balance, with not a sign of sickness. Visited the perfume shop on our return to the cabin. An accident waiting to happen, as I held onto the shelves containing expensive afershaves, as the ship bounced up and down. Luckily there were no breakages. Purchased two bottles of smellies, as Claire kindly told me to treat myself.

The return to the cabin was bliss. While walking during rough weather is troublesome, I find the movement of the ship relaxing when I am in bed. Despite this, I was in for a poor nights sleep…

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