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Posted by sean on 06/07/2017 at 2:15 pm in Holiday with No Comments

Our final port, before the great ship Britannia takes us back up to Southampton. It would appear that Gibraltar is adjusting our bodies to the British climate, so that it doesn’t come as too much of a shock to us on our return. Today’s weather is very overcast with the temperature in the low 20’s. Claire was disappointed by the lack of sun. She’ll be even more so when I inform her that my Mum has said there’s been a heatwave back home.

The ship doesn’t birth long in Gibraltar. In fact, everyone must be aboard by 1.30pm, or risk being left behind with the monkeys. Once when Claire visited Gibraltar without me, a couple was left, as they failed to make it back on time.

Gibraltar is still owned by the British. The local language is English, the shops take pound Stirling and there is even a Morrisons supermarket. It’s no wonder all the ex-pats flock here.

We left Gibraltar, heading back to Southampton. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a little sad. Ensured we spent the final port departure on the top deck of the ship, for the famous Great British Sail Away Party – an event which takes place every time a P&O vessel leaves Gibraltar. Union Jack flags were handed out, and music from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was blasted across the upper tier of the ship, while everyone was left to feel very patriotic. At first, it made me feel uncomfortably like I was attending a UKIP rally, but then told myself that it is perfectly fine to be a leftie, who is also a proud Brit.

Tonight’s offering on the menu was another pleasant surprise – one of my favourite dishes from home – chicken tikka masala. I skipped the starter, as there wasn’t anything to really take my fancy, and I besides which, I wanted to leave room for the main course. Our waiter, feeling sorry for me as I had no started, attempted to give me two curries on one bowl! I had to politely stop him, after he generously loaded on many chunks of chicken breast. I did ask for mango chutney though.

Claire and her parents have gone to another Strictly event this evening, which I have willingly decided to avoid. I therefore have the cabin to myself. I think I will treat myself, and round off the day with a couple of Fawlty Towers episodes, that I have saved onto my tablet.

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