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Posted by sean on 07/07/2017 at 2:24 pm in Holiday with No Comments

The penultimate full day aboard Britannia. Despite being close to southern Portugal, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and is getting back to the English climate (although there is apparently a heatwave in Bath). Can’t enjoy the balcony today. It’s cold and far too windy. The sea is choppy, but sparingly it is not rough yet.

Daytime interests aboard are of no interest to me. Watched The Secret Life of Pets in our cabin with Claire. My wife has now left me on my own, to attend another Strictly Come Dancing session. I think I have been very good attending a Strictly themed cruise. Maybe next cruise can be based on something I like? I wonder if P&O do David Attenborough, Grand Theft Auto or Leeds United themed cruises?

With Claire out, I have taken the opportunity to watch a film she would hate – Die Hard 2. I am snuggled up on the bed, drinking coffee and eating Walkers cheese and onion crisps – something I have been craving throughout the cruise, and that Claire kindly found me when in Gibraltar.

A fellow passenger took up the captain’s duties – I believe by making a donation to charity – to make the daily lunchtime announcement. This includes a weather report. Apparently, things aren’t going to improve tomorrow. It looks like it’ll be more films and comfort food tomorrow- just like being back home.

Claire is now back in the cabin. We are eating at the buffet tonight, as the restaurant meal is not attractive at all. We will then join the queue outside the theatre for another Strictly event, this time a dance competition involving passengers. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t enter.

Apparently, former Premier League referee Mike Riley is on the ship. Claire spotted him in the bar, while collecting an autograph from a Strictly star. He was dressed in a Celtic shirt and apparently is a passenger and not here to entertain.

The sad news this afternoon broke that the young Sunderland fan, Bradley Lowery, has today lost his long, brave battle with cancer. Bradley has touched the hearts of thousands over the last seven months. Rest in peace.

Have returned from the buffet. Can now say 100% that I have been converted to restaurant dining. The food from the buffet was adequate at best. It certainly doesn’t come close to the restaurant, although to be fair, how could it? The restaurant is cooked to order, whereas the buffet is pre-prepared. It’s basically school dinners.

Went straight from the buffet to the theatre for the dance competition. Five sets of passengers each performed for three judges, including the ship’s captain and Craig Revel Horwood from the Strictly TV series. The first few acts were relatively amateurish, although still a million times better than anything I could manage. These efforts resulted in Craig, who is infamously mean to contestants, being very critical. The fourth act was the best of the night and proof that looks can be deceiving – a man who looked like Peter Kay and his dance partner, aged 79. Turns out they were very good, and even forced Craig into giving positive feedback. Rightly so, they were deserved winners.

Returned to the cabin, knowing that there were just two more nights aboard the ship.

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