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Posted by sean on 31/12/2009 at 6:48 pm in Fun At Home, Gambling, Life In Bath, Nandos, Television, Video Games with No Comments

The final week of my Christmas/New Year break has been a rather uneventful one.

With no football, thanks to the weather, I spent my Monday in the company of Sky Sports’ Jeff Stelling. I made the afternoon interesting by placing a huge £2.00 (yes, 200 pence) bet on a massive accumulator, which if correct, would have seen me win almost £2,000. Alas my gamble did not come into fruition and I was left two quid out of pocket (slightly untrue though, as I ensured I won £2 by betting on Leeds to win earlier in the day). With all this money wasted on stupid bets, I am starting to worry if I have a gambling problem!

I have spent quite some time this week playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. As I have mentioned in the past, I don’t play lots of video games. In fact hardcore gamers like Dan believe I devote all my gaming time to the likes of Fifa. Partly true, although along with Grand Theft Auto, COD is one title I will play all the way through.

Like its predecessor, COD4, from 2 years ago, this is a fantastic war simulator that takes you on a real adventure. Anyone who has seen that show on Sky One with Grant Mitchell in Afghanistan, will notice many similarities in the video game (although there is no fat bald bloke). It is all very scary stuff, although not as frightening as the episode where Grant went to meet those gangs in Liverpool – they were some mean scouse chavs, who wouldn’t think twice about nicking your car stereo or happy slapping you. The episode where he hit Peggy was nasty too. Anyway, I digress…

Not in COD

When not shooting people, I have been working my way through the Benidorm DVD boxset. Somehow I have totally missed the popular ITV sitcom and only discovered it after buying it for my sister as a Christmas present and watching it with her. It is a brilliantly funny comedy and I had no second thoughts in buying myself a copy. However, I am starting to wonder if watching over 9 hours of it in less than 3 days was too much.

This New Years Eve, I should be going out. The plan is to try and get a table in Nandos, with John, before meeting Simon in the Dolphin later in the evening – hopefully before they start charging drinkers to get in!

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Chicken bhuna, Sir Alex?

I am sure Alex Ferguson’s reaction was pretty much the same when his little club, Manchester United, were drawn against the mighty Leeds in the FA Cup (this Sunday).I wonder if owner Malcolm Glazer bought Alex and his son Darren curry to celebrate too... almost certanly is the answer.

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Happy New Year

In case I don't blog again this year...

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