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Posted by sean on 29/06/2015 at 2:22 pm in Honeymoon with No Comments

The first full day of the honeymoon has been spent at sea. We got up relatively early, so we could head for the breakfast buffet. Madness. It was like the people there hadn’t eaten for weeks and The Red Cross had made a food delivery. We eventually found somewhere to sit, before finding something to eat ourselves. I must commend the chefs on-board – the P&O all you can eat breakfast is certainly better than the Harvester one. I could actually tell my sausage and bacon had come from a pig.

In the afternoon we had a couples massage. It was a very tranquil and relaxing experience, until it came to the end of the “treatment”, as our massaur called it. She wanted us to sign up for loads more massages across the course of our honeymoon.We were pressured into booking a second, but I put my foot down when they suggested a third. We’re going to cancel the second one anyway.

We caught a stowaway this morning. No, not a person – a frickin’ pigeon. He was sitting bold as brass on the deck. I suppose it saves flying across the Atlantic to hotter countries, like those stupid swifts.

This evening, we met the captain. His name is Simon Terry. I didn’t ask him if he had a brother called John, but was very tempted. I didn’t mention the stowaway pigeon – I’m not a grass.

We finished the evening with a cocktail. We both had Cosmopolitans. Until today, I thought Cosmopolitan was a nudy book read by Rik May all in Bottom. I liked it very much.

[Photos from the day]

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