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Posted by sean on 05/08/2018 at 9:20 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Who says rabbits don’t have emotions? Our bunny certainly does! Here is Roman looking very annoyed, while watching Claire, from his cage, tidy his nearby run. This involved her clearing his toys and throwing away his old, gnawn sticks.

Don’t see the burning anger in his eyes? Compare that photo to the one below, where he’s trying (and succeeding) to look cute in an attempt to be fed some treats.

Posted by sean on 01/08/2018 at 10:39 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Poor Roman! Our little cherub has been feeling very sorry for himself. Yesterday, he visited the vets to receive a present that all male pets fear… the snip. That’s right, Roman has now been neutured.

Last night, we were quite concerned about our beloved bunny. Despite bring assured by the vets that such behaviour was normal post-op, Roman’s withdrawn and dazed demeanour was very worrying.

Roman is the most active and interested rabbit I have ever owned. He’s also incredibly greedy. He wasn’t eating either! Claire kindly took the night shift; checking on Roman’s well-being at midnight and again at 2am. On checking him for a second time, Claire discovered, to our relief, that he had eaten some of his food and also pooped. He was refusing to poo up until that point.

Throughout today, Roman has been generally quiet and picking at the contents of his food bowl. This evening, however, Roman appears to be returning to his old self. He is hopping around his cage, munching hay and taking an interest in his human parents.

Having Roman neutured is fully justified. Had we not booked him in for the procedure, we would have a horny rabbit to look forward to, every few months, spraying urine all over our front room. Rabbits are also prone to many cancers, with males who have not been neutered facing a 75% chance of developing testicular cancer. Still, it’s sad that in taking away Roman’s balls, he has also lost his sex drive. To think, he will never appreciate the Cadbury bunny…

I hope that Roman will continue to recover from his ordeal overnight. I also hope that he forgets what was “taken” from him, during his visit to the vets – otherwise, we’ll have one hot cross bunny on our hands!

Posted by sean on 30/07/2018 at 6:43 pm in Geek Stuff with No Comments

Despite completing the sticker albums for both World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016, I swore blindly that I would NEVER do the same for this year’s tournament. How wrong I was. After kindly being gifted an album and no less than 100 packets to fill it with, I thought it would be rude not to go the full hog and make it 3 out of 3 and spend even more money on grossly overpriced sticky bits of paper.

Thinking 300 stickers would be enough to complete this year’s offering, I spent over £100 on two further boxes. It took ages to peel and meticulously place the sticker into the album, using all the care and precision of a brain surgeon.

This process seemed to take forever. At the end of the task, I had a huge pile of swapsies (duplicate stickers) and an incomplete album. In fact, from 300 stickers, I only managed to finish two teams – Brazil and England!

It wasn’t quite as bad as it sounds. I was only 83 stickers short of completing the album. It is possible to order up to 50 stickers of your choice, direct from the manufacturer, Panini, I ordered 50 and kindly asked Claire to request the remaining 33.

The remaining stickers arrived surprisingly promptly, and according to the tracking details, went on an interesting journey, visiting all the glamorous locations across Europe – Bologna, Leipzing and… Swindon.

Posted by sean on 29/07/2018 at 2:57 pm in Rabbits with No Comments

Roman learns how to spell his name…

Posted by sean on 16/07/2018 at 6:26 pm in Health with No Comments

Today, I returned to hospital. Luckily not as an inpatient this time. Following my 3 week holiday, lying in a bed at my local medical institution, I was recalled to make sure I am still functioning and ticking over.

Given my ongoing leg pain, taking my mobility scooter to the hospital was not an option – primarily due to the poor state of the road and pavement at the top of my street, which would no doubt cause enough tremors to dislodge any leg fractures, should I ride over the treacherous surface (cheers, BANES).

I therefore had to order hospital transport. Apart from having to be on stanby two hours before my appointment time, getting collected by an ambulance worked well.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was told that I was not expected. Great. Luckily, they did manage to fit me in for an appointment, but not before I visited radiology to have lots and lots of X Rays taken.

I was asked if I wanted a hoist to transfer from the hospital-provided wheelchair to the X Ray table. Did I really look that infirm? Given the fact my left leg was screaming at me, after moving from chair to chair, I said “yes”. This was a mistake. I could have made it onto the table, even if it would involve some cursing. I have never used a hoist before, and after today, don’t think that I will again. After being tied up in what I can only describe as a florescent straight jacket, I was lifted into the air. Now THAT was scary. If Alton Towers want to introduce a new frightening experience to their theme park, just buy a hoist.

I met a very helpful doctor, who explained the cause of my broken bones. However, I had to laugh at the consulting room – a cubicle, only separated from other rooms and the corridor by a curtain. As this curtain was not made of lead, it wasn’t that great at blocking sound and therefore patients’ privacy. As it was only my dodgy leg thst was being discussed and not some embarrassing STD, I didn’t mind.

The hospital visit was round off terribly, when awaiting an ambulance home. My earlier praise for transport, Arriva, was all forgotten when I was made to wait well in excess of an hour for a prebooked ride. Apparently an ambulance was on its way to collect me, but ended up going to Bristol instead. Bravo, Arriva.

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