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Yesterday I drove to Barnard Castle to see if I still have scoliosis. Turns out that I do.

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… when you find yourself agreeing with Piers Morgan and The Daily Mail!

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This afternoon’s press conference may not have gone the way in which Dominic Cummings had hoped, but it did achieve something…

It sent a certain little bunny to sleep…

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On one particularly warm evening recently, I hid away from the heat in the bedroom – lying semi-naked in front of my super fan.

I heard from Claire that I was being clearly missed by one little chap. Here he is looking for “daddy”.

If Roman intended to make me feel guilty for abandoning him, he did a bloody good job!

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When I blogged yesterday about Dominic Cummings’ little misdemeanor, I was like many people in the fact I felt rather annoyed.

Today any irritation I had towards the Prime Minister’s aide has been replaced with amusement.


Since the original story broke, yet more related events have unfolded… No.10 contradicting police reports, multiple sightings of Dom exploring Durham. Classic British comedy!

The bloke is either really important to Boris, or he has some pretty juicy gossip on him (saucy photos, perhaps?), because BoJo is doing everything possible to protect his mate.

Reading the news and social media is like some hilarious sitcom. In a time where the country is pretty much in the doo-doo, this relief is very welcome. I’m looking forward to what unfortunate mishap ‘Bo and Dom’ encounter next!


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