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Every other weekend, I travel the length and breadth country to watch Bath City away. These excursions often end in defeat or draws, but occasionally we’ll win, making would always be a fun away day, a great one. Sometimes the manner of these victories means a great day out turns into a magnificent one. Yesterday’s trip to Southport was magnificent.

My away outing in Merseyside almost didn’t happen. The day before, I was struck down by a cold and woke up Saturday morning feeling terrible. Had the trip not involved visiting a new football ground, or had Claire been unable to accompany me to the game, I would have probably stayed in my bed all day, getting high from Lemsip.

I arose from my slumber and very slowly made my way to Twerton Park for the 9am coach departure. We then made the four and a half our trip to the North West. Upon our arrival, I did feel somewhat better. The banana and custard smoothie bought from the service station and winning £17 on the 50/50 prize draw probably aiding my recovery.

As with most away games, we visited the clubhouse. The place was awash with excited and happy Southport supporters. Despite their lowly league position, they had reason to smile. They had hosted Sheffield Wednesday just days earlier in a televised FA Cup game. Unlike some rival fans this season, the Southport faithful were a joy to meet – although their knowledge of geography does leave some room for improvement. The travelling fans from Somerset were amused when asked if Bath was near to London.

Still feeling the effects of a ghastly cold virus, I stayed off the booze, but after everyone else had drank the clubhouse dry, we made our way into the ground.

Since Bath City’s promotion to the National Conference, we have visited some impressive football grounds – Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium and Luton Town’s Kenilworth Road being some of the stand out venues. With no disrespect to Southport whatsoever, their Haig Avenue ground was one of the more traditional stadiums and reminiscent of our trips in the Conference South.

I would go into the detail about the game, but think I would bore most of those who are still reading. Besides which, I am rather hopeless at writing match reports! Needless to say, at half time, the vast majority of the travelling fans were cold, disappointed and angry at the fact Bath City were trailing 2-0.

While I shared my fellow fans’ annoyance and cold, I was strangely optimistic. Maybe it was the cold virus which had infected my brain, but after watching Southport on TV the previous weekend, I knew they were a weak team and there for the taking. They could be beaten.

Bath City’s comeback began just four minutes into the second half. I was already feeling a lot better – it’s remarkable what a hot chocolate can do to reduce the symptoms of the common cold. However, when City striker, Kaid Mohamed made the scoreline 2-1, any thoughts of infection were forgotten.

The mayhem which followed was wonderful – Bath City playing a quality of football which would get Alan Hansen, one of the hardest to please sports pundits, into a state of extreme excitement.

As the winning goal was scored by in-form Lee Phillips, delirium was infused throughout the Bath City army, while the once jolly home fans stormed out the ground in total disgust. The celebrations could only be matched by those at the final whistle, which saw City pick up 3 priceless points in a 3-2 win.

The journey home may have been long, but it was a happy coach. It could have lasted 20 minutes or 20 hours, it wouldn’t have affected the mood of the joyous fans aboard.

Photos will follow, but I haven’t uploaded them to Flickr yet.

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My body was falling apart yesterday. Firstly, I was suffering greatly from a sore throat – the kind no amounts of paracetamols can ease. In a bid to prevent me from ripping out my tonsils to relieve the pain, I bought some cough syrup.

This caused an instant relief, albeit only for a small period of time. It also cheered me up and left me feeling all nice and warm. Wondering what magical ingredients had been included in the medicine to make it so delectable, I checked the box. I then found out – ethanol 5%. Does this mean I was legally drinking while at work?

After my Benylin binge, I made my way into town for an eye appointment. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, visiting the optician is not a favourite pastime of mine, due to my eyeballs being poked, prodded and stained with orange dye. Due to my hatred of ‘eye dentists’, I have been putting off this visit for some time, but last month, Specsavers cut off my contact lens supply, so I was left with little choice but to go.

Luckily, the optician yesterday was nice and decided not to paint my eyes with orange dye; leading to me to believe this kind of behaviour in previous visits was totally unnecessary and simply an act to annoy and distress.

Not much of a story, I know, but it does give me an excuse to use this picture 🙂

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I haven’t contracted it yet, but to prepare myself for the inevitable, have obtained copies of various DVDs for training material – Dustin Hoffman’s Outbreak, 28 Days Later and, most useful of all, Babe: Pig in the City.

I am also taking bets on who the first Premiership football player to contract the virus will be… Players most likely to fall ill include frequent ‘sick notes’ Michael Owen, Owen Hargreaves, Kieren Dyer and current favourite, Louis Saha.

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I have been ill all week with a cold and still feel like crap tonight. Gone is the bad throat I had a few days ago – I now have to put up with a constant headache and a sore nose and eyes.

I did well to struggle into work, despite being on deaths door. I won’t be thanked, however, if next week the whole department is off ill, having caught my virus.

I’m off to Bognor Regis tomorrow to watch Bath City. I’m therefore having an early night in a hope to make a recovery for the trip.

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I woke up with a sore throat that has got progressively worse as the day has gone on. No amount of Halls cough sweets can make it feel any better. Whoever has given me this cold virus is a bastard.

On a totally separate subject; both the ferocious spider and wasp featured in yesterdays blog have disappeared from the window outside my flat. As long as they are not inside the flat, I am pleased.

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