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Well the BBC Weather Service did well (for once), they said it would snow early this week and it did. It started coming down this afternoon then stopped. Then we got another flurry around 7. It was a crap snowfall, there is only a small coating on the cars to show for it, hopefully they’ll be more tonight..

The snow scene in Bath was absolutely nothing like in this picture

The thing is if we were to get any more than an inch of snow, the whole country would grind to a halt and shutdown. Countries like Canada and Norway get torrential weather throughout the whole of winter and their transport and utility services run without any problems. OK, they’re better prepared for the freezing temperatures than the UK, but surly we can cope with the small amount we do get!

Today I’ve had a number of missed calls on my mobile from the number 08000 839330. At the time my phone was on silent so I was unable to answer. I was a little wary as there have been a lot of mobile phone scams about lately – a mystery number leaving a missed call alert on a users mobile, user calls back and gets a massive phone bill. However I believe 08000 is a free phone number. Still, I’m not dialling it, it’s probably some Indian Call Centre trying to sell be double glazing or life insurance.

Lastly tonight, I’ve been having some fun with a thread on the Leeds United forum WACCOE. It is a look-a-like thread, here’s some of the best ones.

Sky Sports News presenter and Malcolm’s Dad

A bad boy menace and Bart Simpson

Two repulsive amphibians

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Some good football matches today, firstly Burnley against Blackburn in a heated Lancashire derby. OK, the quality of football wasn’t great (the game finished 0-0) but there was certainly a heated atmosphere between the players and the fans.

The game was yet again interrupted by two morons who ran onto the pitch, one appearing to be quite violent and attacking policemen – what is it with football “fans” this weekend, they’re behaving like complete tossers!

The best game was yet to come with Newcastle v Chelsea on Sky Sports. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho put out a weakened squad ahead of their Champions League clash with Barcelona on Wednesday. It really pisses me off when teams do this in The FA Cup and Chelsea got their just desserts…

Newcastle took the lead after only 4 minutes although Chelsea dominated the game, however were unable to score. At half time Mourinho used all three of his substitutions, brining on some proper players.

Using all your substitutions early on is just asking for trouble and this was proved when Wayne Bridge was injured and had to be taken off on a stretcher. As Chelsea had used all their substitutions they were unable to bring on a replacement and had to play with 10 men. Still they dominated (just proves Newcastle are crap) but were STILL unable to score.

To rub salt into the wounds, Chelsea’s keeper Carlo Cudicini was sent off, yet again, no replacement could be brought on.

The game ended 1-0 to Newcastle against a 9 man Chelsea reserve team. Chelsea’s dream of winning a quadruple is out the window, injuries to key players, bad decision making by the manager. Not a very good day to support Chelsea.

While I feel sorry for the injured players, I do find the outcome funny. Chelsea underestimated FA Cup like so many teams have done before and paid the price. I think it’s fitting for me to go – Hahahahahaha!!!

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Watching some of the Everton – Man United game this evening I was totally shocked at the behaviour of groups of Everton fans.

A heated atmosphere was to be expected, after all Wayne Rooney was returning to his old ground. Booing and jeering in the game nowadays is acceptable to a degree. However the actions of certain Everton fans this evening were disgusting and bared similarities to those of thugs from the 70’s and certain foreign clubs.

Rooney had a number of missiles thrown at him, luckily he wasn’t hit. Goal keeper Roy Carroll was not so lucky and was hit by a mobile phone. This is so dangerous, he could have been killed or left brain damaged! Carroll was also threatened by a group of fans who refused to give his ball back to him.

This kind of behaviour is not pleasant and should not be tolerated. I hate Man United with a passion but only in the football sense, I wouldn’t wish harm upon their players or fans. It is unfair they were subjected to that kind of abuse.

I really like Everton but really hope the Football Association come down hard on them and give them a hard and deserved punishment as the behaviour really is not on.

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Ah bugger it! Leeds have been totally outclassed and beaten 3-0 by Wigan today. It’s a shame as Leeds have been doing so well lately. Wigan are an excellent side and are almost certainties to get promoted to The Premiership.

Leeds now need to think about what they could have done better, write this game off and prepare for the West Ham game next Saturday. Annoyingly, West Ham have been shit – up until today when they beat Plymouth 5-0!

Still on the topic of football, the Arsenal – Sheffield United game was a very entertaining one. Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp was sent off for violent conduct and that wasn’t the only controversial incident.

It was a game of European super stars against tough, no nonsense Championship players. The game finished 1-1 and proved that all the Super skills of Arsenal couldn’t outdo the grit of Sheffield.

Southampton proved they are still in a right mess. They took a 2-0 lead against League One Brentford, although threw the lead away to draw 2-2. Pathetic! Bet that made jittery manager Harry Redknapp twitch! :o)

Coming up later this evening, the clash between Everton and Scum (Man Utd). Hopefully Everton can win – can’t see it though.

Now, if you’re after a new PC anytime soon, why not check out Somerset PCs. It is a website recently created by a friend of mine who used to sell PC’s on Ebay. The systems seem a lot cheaper than those sold in a well known PC chain store and you probably get a better service too. If anybody else would like a free plug for their website click here.

NOTE: Other Online PC stores are available. In fact shares the server with a well known one!

Lastly, I saw the weather this morning, looks like its going to get a lot colder across the country the next few days, hopefully it’ll snow as there hasn’t really been any this year.

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The FA Cup is back this weekend for the fifth round. Leeds got knocked out of the cup ages ago, but there are still a few games that look good this weekend…

Firstly Arsenal v Sheffield United. These teams met in the FA Cup semi final only a few years ago (after Sheffield knocked Leeds out!). If Arsenal play like they did against Crystal Palace on Monday they’ll win for sure – still you never know in the FA Cup. This game is on BBC1 from 12.10pm, Saturday

Everton v Man Utd. Pie lad Wayne Rooney returns to his old ground, no doubt he’ll receive a hot reception from the scousers even though his transfer earned Everton £25million and gave the players spirit – instead of fighting relegation like last season, they’re fighting for The Champions League. While Everton are good I can only see Man Utd winning this game, especially with Ruud Van Horseface playing again. This game is on BBC1 from 17.23pm, Saturday

“Who eat all the pies…”

Burnley v Blackburn. For me, the pick of the round. OK, these teams aren’t the best in the country but they are bitter rivals. This could be a heated game in which both teams put out strong, solid performances. Either team could win this one. Looking forward to this one! It’s on BBC1 from 13.30pm, Sunday

Lastly Newcastle v Chelsea. Newcastle aren’t having a great league season, European football next season looks unlikely. Chelsea on the other hand are about to step into a Champions League game against Barcelona next week and are 9 points clear at the top of The Premiership. I can only see the away team winning here, if Newcastle win I would be very surprised. This game is on Sky Sports One from 15.30pm, Sunday

The most important game of the weekend for me is Leeds United’s match against Wigan. Leeds will go into this game expecting to lose, Wigan are one of the best sides in the division and are playing at home. Leeds however are doing well and being the underdogs have nothing to lose. While Wigan are the obvious favourites, I can see Leeds getting something from this game. C’mon Leeds!

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