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The football drama series Dream Team returns to Sky One tonight. The previous series ended with Harchester United winning the play off final and promotion back to The Premiership. In typical Dream Team fashion the whole team were killed when ex-manager Don Baker drove his car, full of petrol and a dead Karl Fletcher in the boot into the clubs coach causing a catastrophic explosion.

With some many deaths it looks like the series is in for a whole new cast although a few old favourites are set to return. Whoever is in the new series you can be sure of one thing – controversy, over the top stories and probably the odd fatality thrown in for good measure (I cannot see why any footballer would want to join Harchester, life insurance premiums must be sky high!).

The new series starts at 8pm on Sky One with a special show “Dream Team Stranger Than Fiction” at 7pm where real life, bizarre football stories are looked at and how they inspired the shows writers.

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I stayed round at a friends last night and was forced (in exchange for a cooked breakfast) to watch part of Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow on BBC1. All I really knew about this show up until Saturday was that it was a highly popular and fast paced children’s television programme. It wasn’t until I actually experienced it myself that I realised how disturbing it actually was…

The show is extremely erratic and there doesn’t seem to be any structural basis to the way it is produced. It is presented by two grown men, presumably named “Dom” and “Dick”. These employees of The British Broadcasting Company behave like they have either stayed up all Friday night smoking crack or have a serious Attention Deficit Disorder.

One may be called “Dick” but they’re both twats

Most disturbing though is that they are left in charge of twentysomething kids who, obviously fuelled with Smarties and fizzy drinks are also out of control. This is then broadcast on live television to millions of minors across the UK with their parents unaware of what their children are watching.

Myself and friend Dan (of Daninthemix and Hobart’s House) believe the only rational action to take is to warn parents of this show and ask any MP to get it taken off air as it is just wrong. I personally think that Wacaday should be brought back in its place. I used to watch that, presented by Timmy Mallet during the school holidays. While it was amusing and full of kids humour it was far more controlled and instructive. Timmy Mallet actually played word association games and took educational trips around the world. The only trips these Dick and Dom characters seem to take involve taking a pack of acid tabs. For those who have forgotten about Wacaday and want some great nostalgic memories check out this website.

Moving on from D&D guess where Leeds are in the league? They’re up to 4th with WITH a game in hand. They beat Burnley 2-1 away from home. Burnley were originally in the lead after a penalty was awarded on the hour mark. It wasn’t long until Eddie Lewis grabbed the equaliser for Leeds and Rob Hulse (now known as “The Incredible Hulse”) scored the winner. The last time Leeds came from behind to win AWAY from home was against Hapoel Tel Aviv in The Uefa Cup, November 2002. In the league you’ll need to go back to Ipswich in September 2001!

This has been the best result in years, ok Burnley are only an average at best Championship side but to come from behind is an achievement and by this stage in the season you can get some indication as to how the year will pan out. The league tables don’t lie. Leeds are indeed the fourth best team in their league and improving. A return to the Premiership is looking on the cards :o)

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Well done to the England players, that was so much better, a very positive result for the team who beat Poland 2-1 and won the group.

Excellent performance all round, one that has certainly won the fans back around. Really looking forward to the friendly against Argentina next month.

Only negative is Peter Crouch. I do not know what is going on with this player. He is either somebody you either love or hate. I really dislike him and cannot see how he can get in the team. Not going to focus on this too much as the great performance outweighs the negatives.

We’re going to Germany!!!

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Come on England!!! They play Poland tonight in the final World Cup Qualifier. They’re of course already qualified for the competition but this game is a great chance to win the group.

Come on England!

They have been very poor the last four games ( Denmark, Wales, N. Ireland & Austria) and must play well tonight. Almost every England fan is unhappy with the team and especially the manager. A good, strong and passionate performance tonight will turn the fans around and get us all excited for the World Cup.

Good luck to all the lads tonight, put out the great performance we all know that you are capable and make England proud again!

Lastly, good luck to Republic of Ireland, hope you win tonight and get your rightful place in The WC. Hope Cyprus win too and stop the French getting through! :o)

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Think I’m getting to the bottom of this Gary Neville phone conversation story. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me (whether your genuine or not!), I also found a story on NewsNow which proves the validity of claims.

According to some of the e-mails I have received as well as a story in The Bath Chronicle the calls originally were made by students at Kind Edwards School. A private school coincidentally in Bath where I live!

Funny, the head teacher seemed a little pissed off from the story I read though! Most Bath residents would expect the culprits to attend a school with a far poorer reputation and class so the fact it was this public school makes it amusing!

Fair play to the students who took part although don’t tell your head teacher or Mr. Neville I said that! If you want to send me, a fellow Batholian any more conversations with the assurance I won’t put them on the net feel free to do so (e-mail addy below)

I would like to add that neither myself nor condones wind up calls. Mr. Neville obviously experienced annoyance which of course he does not deserve… Even though he has a lot of spare time at the moment as he is injured.

Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya?

Finally, Gary, if you’re reading take a look at this site. A little bit of info on the famous footballer Tony Adams… :o)

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