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According to my calendar at work, it is now officially winter. The change of season has brought a noticeable transformation to the weather. Gone are the grey, damp and humid conditions we have become so used to. The temperatures have plummeted and Bath now feels like the Arctic, with frost and thick clouds of fog in the air.

It’s all very nice and festive. The seasonal weather now makes one feel like celebrating Christmas on Monday and not just putting up with it because the retailers tell us to do so.

Without wanting to sound like Victor Meldew, the change in temperature hasn’t been totally appreciated. My desk at work is situated rather close to the main office doors, and whenever people walk in or out of the building, I am subject to whatever freezing temperatures are present outside. Things became so bad, that this morning I was forced to wear my thick coat and huddle up next to a portable, oil filled radiator to avoid hyperthermia.

I suppose I can’t really complain. When it suites me, I will happily put up with freezing my limbs off. I spent well over two hours watching Bath City on Tuesday night, and am travelling up to Leeds on Saturday to watch United play Hull City, in what as sadly become a relegation battle.

In other news,
– I finally finished my Christmas shopping in town yesterday.

– Watkins and Simon came round this evening. We went to The Globe and ate the traditional dish of Hunters Chicken. On the way back to mine, we stopped at Sainsbury’s where Watkins bought chocolate cake and I drank free samples of Baileys. Free alcohol – very nice, shame they stopped me taking the bottle.

– errr… well, that’s about it. Expect more blogging over the festive period.

To all regular readers of this blog and friends/associates that I fail to see over Christmas and forget to e-mail/text/write to/fax, have a very good Christmas!

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I have been struggling for blogging inspiration lately, and am hoping that by making this post, and commenting on various events of the previous week, I can inspire myself to get back on track…

Tuesday I finished work early and made, what I hoped to be, my final trip into town this side of Christmas. As I have mentioned before, I hate shopping when it’s busy. In fact, I bought the vast majority of this years Christmas presents online, thus avoiding the madness of town.

During just one short trip into Bath City Centre, I had the ordeal of facing pissed tramps and their dogs on the bus, slow old people walking down narrow high streets and mothers with wide pushchairs in shopping aisles, making overtaking impossible.

I made a lot of successful purchases, but as always, there were items that I forgot. Next week I will have to try and finish work early and make yet another trip into the abyss.

The rest of the week was rather stressful. Due to staff absence, I was left virtually on my own at work, leaving me feeling rather flustered, stressed and tired.

When Friday finally did come I was knackered. I did find the energy to watch Jaws on DVD with Simon. Jaws being one of my favourite films of all time and one which I had not seen for some years. Last night I attempted to watch Steven Spielberg’s other monster movie, Jurassic Park. It was no good. The fatigue hangover from the previous week had caught up with me and I went to bed at some ridiculously early time, sleeping well into Sunday.

And now here I am, writing this blog, full refreshed (well, less tired) and ready for another five days back at the workhouse. Life couldn’t be better.

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Well, that was a crap weekend for football. Relegating fighting Leeds lost 1-0 to Derby, whereas promotion chasing Bath City were defeated by Hitchin Town, 2-1.

I was at the Bath game, and while I was disappointed by both results, the whole afternoon was overshadowed by what looked like, a serious injury to City’s Craig Davidge.

Davidge apparently ran into the wall, smashing his chest and skull in the process. I didn’t see the actual incident as it was off the ball, although was very close by while he received medical treatment.

For over half an hour, Davidge lay on the freezing pitch as club doctors administered medical aid. It was a rather distressing ordeal, which left everyone at the ground in a state of shock.

An ambulance later arrived and took Davidge to the local hospital. The game then resumed for a final ten minutes. The players and fans were obviously very distressed by what had just happened and the remainder of the game was played in a much subdued atmosphere.

The incident put football in reality. Life is so much more important than winning or losing. City fans didn’t care that they had lost. Hitchin fans couldn’t celebrate their win. Everybody’s thoughts were with Davidge and his family.

This evening I learnt some very good news. Davidge was released from hospital yesterday evening and miraculously managed to avoid any serious injury. I personally wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him running down the pitch very soon.

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I thought that I should better write a blog as it’s been some time since my last post, and if I leave it much longer, I will no doubt receive further threats of violence from Dan.

Blogging at the moment is proving to be a tad difficult at the moment, not least due to distractions from Simon, who is watching the Chelsea/Arsenal game. Every now and then, Simon will shout some words of encouragement at his beloved Gunners or abuse at the Chelsea players.

Mr. White’s parents went on holiday for the weekend, and bravely left Jon in charge of their family home – a rather careless move. In the traditional fashion, he threw one of his “small” house parties, you have probably read about them in the press.

Simon has just exploded with excitement. It appears that his arch nemesis, Ashley Cole has been booked. If he gets sent off, I think Simon may fill his underpants with cream.

Anyway, back to White’s party. I was summoned by telephone to his house on Friday evening. I could have said no, but the repercussions would have been serious. Besides which, I had nothing better to do that evening.

The evening was actually rather refrained. Previous parties at Mr. White’s have included visits from the police, fights with neighbours and people vomiting in the street. This week there was nothing on that scale.

That said, at times I did feel I was in the Big Brother House. Some rather bizarre characters turned up, not least a girl from Eastern Europe who thought it necessary to refer to everybody as “cunt face”, while swigging on a 2 litre bottle of white stripe cider.

I left just before midnight, thus missing any of the serious action. I am yet to hear from anybody else who stayed beyond me, but as there have been no newspaper reports of murder, rape, house fires and human sacrifices, I think the subdued atmosphere must have remained.

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We’re now well into December, and according to the scenic calendar I have on the office wall, the whole of England should be covered in a thick blanket of snow. Why is it then that for the past… well as long as I can remember, that the weather in Bath has been pretty damn shit. When it’s not grey and drizzling, it’s absolutely pissing it down like a South American rainforest?

The Eco-Warriors amongst us would point the finger of blame heavily at global warming and how we are all destroying the beautiful planet we live in. Why is it then that we are not experiencing any of the extreme weather conditions we keep hearing so much about? I’m all for Mediterranean style summers and winters to rivals those of the Antarctic. I quite like the idea of having a set of pet penguins and encaging a mad polar bear in my back garden.

On a final note, if you are the bus driver in Bath who was driving up Combe Park at around 7:45 this morning; may I suggest taking some driving lesions? In wet weather, it is advisable not to plough your vehicle through all the puddles on the roadside, splashing any poor sod that happens to be walking up the pavement. If however, you did it on purpose, Hahaha – NOT. In the words of Don Logan “I hope this crashes!”

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