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Hopefully this winter won’t be a repeat of this, this and this.

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‘Christmas the Second’ took place on Boxing Day. I had a really nice day spent with Claire. We went to the “romantic” seaside town of Weston Super Mare to watch Bath City take play their Boxing Day fixture.

Weston have a terrible record against City and have also had a dire season so far, looking certanties for relegation. A win for City was inevitable and pre-match, even the most pessimistic of fans were predicting a comfortable victory against the ‘Shame of Somerset’.

Indeed, we were not disappointed. City brought us all a late Crimbo present, ‘battering’ Weston to a 2-0 victory. In all honesty, and I know this sounds cliché, but it could have been 10-0 – Weston were absolutely TERRIBLE.

One of the main culprits for Weston’s poor display was defender, Clayton Fortune. Unbelievably, Mr. Fortune had spent many years in the football league. When playing Fifa 09 on the PlayStation last year, I even bought him from Darlington for £500k… he superb!

I guess this proves video games are only fictional and not based on any factual evidence whatsoever. The only PlayStation game Clayton Fortune will be appearing in from now on is John McCririck’s Donkey Derby 2010 (currently still in production).

After football, we made the short coach journey back to Bath where Claire and I exchanged gifts. I was bought some lovely things, which were well worth waiting the extra day for.

While the Christmas gifts, telly and food are all over with for the year; the festive football schedule continues tomorrow with Bath City playing hosts to Havant & Waterlooville – another 3 points please.

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I must have been a relatively well-behaved little boy this year as Santa was kind enough to bring me lots of nice things. Thank you to all those who sent me gifts via Father Christmas.

Blogworthy pressies included two PlayStation 3 games (DJ Hero and the latest addition to the Call of Duty series), which I will no doubt write about at a later date when I have had chance to play them.

Slightly embarrassing was a Leeds United bedcover I received. Even more embarrassing as I had actually asked for it! I am trying to convince myself that it is OK to own a football-related duvet, despite not being five years old. My argument being, if they were only designed for kids, they wouldn’t make them in a double bed size.

Christmas Day was spent, like millions of people in Britain; eating, drinking and watching rubbish on the television. The only notable TV offerings being The Royle Family and an animated adaptation of the kid’s book, The Gruffalo.

Christmas dinner was very nice – the highlight of the meal being pigs in blankets. It was a pity so few were on my plate, as those delicious bacon-coated sausages are the food of kings and miles better than turkey, goose or whatever fowl people eat at Christmas. Next year I think I will just have a whole plate of pigs in blankets – that would make me very happy indeed.

Believe it or not, there isn’t much else to say on the events of Christmas Day. Unlike some families, we didn’t go for an afternoon walk in the country, we didn’t all sing and dance around the tree and we certainly did not play charades.

Part 2 of my Christmas blog, which took place on Boxing Day and included a trip to the seaside and an evening with Claire, will follow soon.

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Happy Christmas to all those who read my blog.

That is all.

What were you expecting? I’m not the Queen…

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An email from Cash4Gold managed to evade spam filters and find its way into my inbox.

However, upon reading what I initially believed to be junk, I was intrigued by their requests for jewellery in exchange for money.

How much do you think they’ll pay for this ring I won in a Christmas cracker?

Not actual size
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