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The latest stage in Bath City’s journey in the National Conference was against York – the football club from the town of my birth. In case you were wondering, I moved down south to Bristol when I was a baby, hence the reason I do not wear a flat cap, own a whippet or talk like Mick McCarthy.

The York fans I did meet were very nice people, although I had to hide my excitement when I found out Leeds had beaten Millwall. Apparently York don’t like Leeds United very much.

The game finished 2-2, which was rather good, considering York have been tipped for promotion and every football ‘expert’ in the country has already said we’re going to be relegated with a record low number of points.

Bath City’s new mascot was also unveiled. A pig. As you can see, like with all football mascots, the costume is very classy and wouldn’t be out of place in an epic Peter Jackson movie.

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Congratulations are in order to Leeds United manager, Simon Grayson, who today started a second job – as a lion tamer.

The beats that mauled the Robins of Bristol and the Tigers from Hull, were turned into purring kittens this afternoon. Further proof that Grayson is ‘The Football God’.

Have no idea what I’m on about? See here.

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There are a number of things which scare me – spiders, gangsters with guns, Michaela Strachan (who hasn’t aged since 1989) and penalty shoot outs.

It is probably not a surprise that my fears sometimes feature in my dreams (although for the record, I don’t recall dreaming of Strachan and The Really Wild Show).

Last night I awoke to find a wasp dangling in front of my face, caught in the web of a huge spider. Of course, this was just a dream, but when you awake in the middle of the night, what is reality and make believe is much of the same.

Cue me leaping out of bed, shouting “bloody hell”, jumping around and turning on lights, until I finally realise it was all a dream and returning to bed.

If any of my neighbours are reading this blog and heard my shouts of terror at 1.20am last night, please don’t be alarmed – I was only going insane.

I think I’ll recover from the whole experience. If, however, I ever wake up and find Freddy Krueger slash marks across my belly, I’ll start to worry.

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This weatherman is a legend.

The woman’s mini-yelp is equally as amusing as the inappropriate hand gesture.

It’s not the first time he has disgraced excelled himself on a live weather broadcast either.

The funniest TV cock-up since Noel Edmonds inadvertently laughed at a disabled child on Deal or No Deal.

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Joe Cole has always been a good boy. No red cards and no court convictions… until he moves to Liverpool. Sent off in his first game and now found guilty of speeding. Looks like he’s fitting in well…

The article states Cole gave his address as Chelsea, London. Probably a good idea if he just wants a slap on the wrist. Had he put Brookside Close, Liverpool; the judge would probably have brought back the death penalty.

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