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For the first time in almost 20 years, Bath City FC played a live game in front of the national television cameras.

The match against Histon was shown on Premier Sports – not a very popular channel on Sky and one you need to pay extra for – a little bit like the special interest ones you get if you stray too far beyond the radio stations.

Due to a major rollout of an IT system at work and a subsequent annual leave freeze, I couldn’t attend the game, but was able to watch it live on television.

The last time Bath City were on TV was against Hereford in the FA Cup in 1993. They won the game 2-1, the same scoreline City beat Histon by tonight.

Long term readers of my blog may remember Histon from a few years ago. They were the team made up of butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and postmen who beat Leeds United in the cup back in 2008. Dark days.

Luckily Bath City avenged Leeds’ defeat and climbed into the top half of the table. I am going to bed happy.

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One of my fish isn’t very well. I have had it over four years now and in its old age, it is starting to swim upside down. When I first saw this peculiar behaviour, I did expect to come downstairs the next morning to see it had stopped swimming altogether and find it floating on the water’s surface; but a week has passed and it is still acting strange and weirdly enough, eating, chasing other fish and generally doing what fish do… forgetting things, pretending to be Jaws and counting it’s fingers.

I did some research on the internet into what causes fish to swim upside down and found out that that it may be constipated. I did think of emptying a box of All-Bran into the tank, but thought better of it. Apparently, to cure fish constipation, I need to starve the fish for 48 hours and then feed it a pea. I had to read the instructions carefully and check it definitely did not say ‘feed the fish pee’ – I did think urinating into the water was not a sensible idea. Yes, I need to give it the inside of a green pea from the freezer – freshly packed by Captain Birdseye himself.

As there are other fish in the tank, asking the poorly fish not to eat for two days, while its friends gorge on delicious flakes, may be a little tricky, but I’ll see what I can do.

The sad and rather worrying news I read on Yahoo Answers (the hub of all knowledge) is that if the fish is not constipated it is probably not long for this world and will be dead soon.

I bought all my fish during the 2006 World Cup and named them after members of the England squad. Unfortunately, as they all look the same, I can’t remember which one is which, but giving its recent ailments and poor health, I think it would be rather fitting if the fish is the one I named Michael Owen.

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Once again, another thank you to those who are voting on both X Factor and I’m A Celebrity. The money you are wasting on your telephone bill is aiding my enjoyment.

Wagner is still in X Factor; while Skeletor’s wife, Gillian McKeith, keeps getting picked to do the challenges on I’m A Celebrity; although she was totally pathetic tonight – fainting at the shear thought of undertaking something a little scary. What does she do when she finds a spider in the bath?

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I love the ITV viewers who waste thousands of pounds voting by telephone on TV series for my enjoyment.

So far, they’ve kept Wagner in X Factor and tonight condemned Gillian McKeith to another Bushtucker Challenge on I’m A Celebrity.

Pity they couldn’t vote Fabio Crapello out the England camp though.

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Apparently some member of the Royal Family is getting married. According to the news, there’s lots of talk suggesting when the big day will be, how much will it cost and who will pay for it.

I am sure the question on most people’s minds, mine included, is “Will we get a day off work?”

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