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I was nearly late for work this morning, after having a debate on Twitter with a fellow Leeds fan about the monarchy. Yes, us football supporters do discuss other things besides sport! Today is the anniversary of the Queen’s reign on the throne – a record breaking one, by all accounts and I commented how, in this day in age, with a shortage of money to help the likes of the NHS and refugees, the money the Royal Family receive from the tax payer should be stopped. I received a counter argument that the monarchy bring in a lot of money to the country. Personally, while I don’t disagree with this, I still believe they can and should be self-sufficient. Yes, the Royals bring in a lot of revenue from the likes of tourism, but so does a lot of other attractions and organisations – it doesn’t mean as taxpayers, we need to help them out. It seems an outdated rule that us Brits need to give our money to whoever is on the throne. Everyone needs to make cutbacks in these hard economic times, so why not the Royals?

Onto a subject more fitting to my blog – crisps. With no shadow of a doubt, there are three Kings of Crisp. They is the brown hula hoop. I think it may be beef flavour. Frazzles – always a school tuck shop favourite. Finally, there is purple Nik Naks. Amazingly I haven’t seen these for sale separately and can only be purchased in multipacks, which also contain fish flavour crisps, which are an abomination and so wrong. Who eats crisps which taste of fish? Dolphins? If you asked me to pick my best, I would struggle. I would be like a parent choosing your best favourite child. I suppose I would go for the Nik Naks, which I thoroughly enjoyed this morning.

I watched the football last night. England against Switzerland. Is it me, or do England always seem to be playing them? Wayne Rooney scored a penalty and everyone lauded him like he had found a cure for cancer. There were parties in the street and a national holiday is planned. The reason for this hype is totally unnecessary. He has now scored more goals than Bobby Charlton. So what. Rooney never does anything when it matters. Goals against San Marino, Outer Mongolia and Vatican City count for nothing, when you can’t even manage a shot on target against the likes of Germany in the World Cup. If I was the England manager, I would call up Bobby Charlton to the England squad, for the next match and bring him on to take a penalty, therefore ruining Rooney’s record. Ha. What does matter is that last night, San Marino scored a goal. The first time have scored away from home in 14 years. Granted, they were playing Estonia, a country I wouldn’t want to begin to point out on a map of the world, but they’ve done well – I bet that I couldn’t score against Estonia. This was a genuine cause for celebration and reminded me of the time that Jamie Cook scored for Bath City against Tamworth in our relegation season. Well done San Marino!

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