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I am rarely one to complain about my health and visits to hospitals, which I must admit is rather commendable, considering how many appointments I need to attend.

However, I must admit that it does seem a tad unfair, that it feels like I am the only one who has to make visits to see doctors. Therefore, I didn’t feel guilty when the time came along for Roman to make his biannual trip to the vets.

It was just like The Yorkshire Vet TV series – except we’re not in Yorkshire, have no connections to James Herriot and was not being filmed for television.

The purpose of Roman’s summer trip to the veterinary surgery, was to be given his yearly jab for RHD1 and myxomatosis.

The nasty Mxyo virus.

It must not be forgotten that Roman is also a massive tart and likes nothing more than to show off to his doting parents and anyone else who enters his domain (previously known by Claire and I as “the front room”).

Due to Roman’s vanity and the fact he is unable to speak for himself (although he’s working on that), I asked the vet, on Roman’s behalf, if his nails could be clipped. That’s right – he had his nails done. Like a woman.

Despite all the jokes, taking any animal to the vets can be a very traumatic experience for them. I am therefore pleased to report that Roman was very well behaved and I am extremely proud of him.

Right from the start, when my dad asked him to get into his carry case, the cute little bunny just hopped in, without causing a fuss.

I held Roman in his carry case, for the car journey between our home and the vets. He remained calm for the drive, although did get a little frightened when some stupid woman drove out in front of us, causing my dad to break hard. To be fair to Roman, I was a bit shocked too!

The last time Roman attended the surgery, he was admired by people, who were also visiting the vets, and spotted him in his box.

It was exactly the same situation today. As we waited to be called into the consulting room, onlookers noticed Roman’s little face peering through the carry case door, knowing all too well he would get attention. He was showing off, he knew it and he was loving it.

Roman. So cute, he makes the cat from Shrek 2 look like Katie Hopkins.

Compliments for the “dwarf breed” rabbit included many uses of the word “cute”, as well as a lovely comment of “other people’s pets always look better than your own”. I can honestly say that since owning Roman, I have never thought that. In fact, I often find myself thinking the opposite. Looking at bunnies I would once find adorable, I now think to myself “Roman is much better looking than that rabbit”.

The time spent with the vet went fast – thanks in no small part to Roman’s impeccable behaviour. The little lad was a bit scared at times, but that’s to be expected. If a strange giant was trying to inject me and cut my nails, I’d shit myself. Despite getting frightened, Romy didn’t leave any of his bottom raisens on the examination table.

Roman is more used to being on the opposite side of the veterinary table.

His next trip to the surgery is February, when he will be immunised against RHD2. Don’t feel sorry for him. By the time Roman next visits the vets, I will have probably been to see doctors and consultants five thousand times.

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