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Yesterday’s blog provided an update on my health and rehabilitation from injury.

I mentioned that one of my goals was to get myself out of bed, before transferring to a wheelchair…

You never know, the next time I provide a progress update, I may be walking to my wheelchair and taking myself to the stair lift – my current short term goal.

Well, this has materialised quicker than planned; no doubt surprising many people – most of all, me!


Sunday morning. I was only planning to stand by the bed, tightly gripping the walking frame. Maybe I would try walking a step or two.

What actually happened shocked me…

I don’t know where I found the strength. Probably a mix of improved fitness from exercise and stubborn determination to succeed.

Firstly, I managed to get myself out of bed and into a safe, standing position. Up until now, Claire has had to assist me in leaving the bed.

Encouraged by my first surprising achievement, I then negotiated the necessary steps and turns, to position myself above the nearby wheelchair, before sitting down.

Those who are not aware of what I have been going through, over the past three and a half months, may wonder what all the fuss is about. To those people, I suggest you look through the ‘Health‘ category on my blog.

Anyone who has played a part in my fight to recovery, will know that this is huge progress towards returning to independence.

At the moment, if Claire has to leave the house, I have no choice but to remain in bed – surrounded by food, drink, medication and some more unsavory items (urine bottle!).

This can be extremely frustrating and degrading. Not to mention the worry of “What at happens if I need to go ‘number two’?”. Mercifully, this hasn’t been a problem, while I have been left home alone.

Claire cannot be off work, caring for me indefinitely. When the day comes that she does return, I’ll have to be able to cope alone.

Then there is my working situation. I too will need to get back to the office (a day which can’t come soon enough).

By making this most basic of transfers, all by myself, I have taken a huge stride forward.

I am normally a very modest person, so bragging doesn’t come naturally to me, but I am not ashamed to admit that I feel very proud of myself.

There is one person I couldn’t have done any of this without. Had this person not been in my life, I would probably be in a community hospital right now.

I am, of course, talking about my wonderful wife, Claire.

Thank you, Wifey. I love you.

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