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I spent over two hours of my very valuable time this morning cleaning the whole of my flat. My fish and pet hamster, Dennis Wise, also had their cages cleaned out. The flat is now very clean and tidy; although my normally soft hands are now hard, sore and smell of bleach. I want to get a cleaning lady (or a wife).

Posted by sean on November 22, 2007 at 3:10 pm in England, Football, Hamster with 2 Comments

Just because England are not in the European Championship next summer, it doesn’t mean I can’t support a team competing. Therefore, I have made a draw on which team I will support. Here’s how it happened…

Firstly, write the names of every competing team on pieces of paper

Screw these pieces of paper into tiny balls

Ask my hamster, Dennis Wise, to make the draw

To encourage him to collect a bit of paper, I put a little bit of margarine and sugar on each piece

He finally picks a team

To stop him eating the sugary-fat coated paper, and getting a horrible combination of diabetes, high-cholesterol and ink poisoning, I quickly took the scrawn-up team off him

Great choice, Dennis… I think not

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That is all…

Posted by sean on November 21, 2007 at 9:05 pm in England, Hamster with No Comments

England 0-2 Croatia – half time… useless fucking shits!

Still, all is not lost. At half time, Simon and I got my hamster, Dennis Wise, out. While hiding in his little house, we asked him if England would qualify, in somewhat of a Groundhog Day idea. Amazingly, Dennis let out a almighty, high-pitched squeak. Very strange as Wisey is normally a silent animal.

Unfortunately, I do not speak Hamstarian, so don’t know if that squeal was a “yes” or a “no”. Time will tell. Come on England.

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I am off work on annual leave this week. I went to be last night, planning to have a very productive Monday, and sort out a load of things I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

  1. Order tickets for the Leeds game at Cheltenham next Sunday
  2. Put the washing-up away which has been standing by the sink for a week
  3. Finish off the assignment for my management course
  4. Complete my Christmas shopping
  5. Clean out Dennis Wise’s cage (the hamster, not Leeds manager)
  6. Go the local shops and the bank

So far, I have only managed to achieve ‘1’ and ‘2’. I put this down to a major distraction in the form of an Xbox 360 and Fifa 2008.

Now, it’s too late to do any of the above, as I have to go to Wales at in two hours. I am going to Newport to watch Bath City in the Setanta Shield. There is no fan coach and nobody I know is driving (so I can’t get a lift). I’ve managed to blag myself a place on the team bus. Kick ass.

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