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I would have loved to of recreated this drawing with Roman, but knew that it would be easier to move Ben Nevis, than get our naughty little bunny to pose in the position required.

Therefore, although it is Roman’s long lost cousin, I hope you think this is as funny and cute as I do…

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Roman has a new favourite film!

This morning, he sat in this run, silently watching a movie I put on. He was enthralled! The title of the film… The Velveteen Rabbit!

I don’t know if it’ll beat his all time favourite – Keeping Up Appearances – but as far as movies go, he loves this one.

I have already found something else for him – although I am going to make Roman wait a few more weeks, until we are closer to Christmas…

Yes, this really does exist!

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The question is, what team is he supporting? Leeds or Preston?

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Some time last year, I blogged how Roman was overheard quacking like a duck.

Given the fact that at the time, he was barely much older than a baby bunny (a ‘kitten’, if you’re interested in the official term), along with me knowing the full storyline of The Ugly Duckling; I was getting concerned that one morning I would go downstairs, only to find a duck waddling around Roman’s cage, in place of our beloved pet!

Now, some 14 months later, I am pleased to reveal that Roman isn’t turning into a breed of waterfowl. The “quack”, which Claire and I heard at the time, was a sneeze!

We made the reassuring, yet bizarre discovery, this evening while watching a YouTube video of some rabbits sneezing. One of the bunnies sneezes just like a duck quacking – or, more importantly, just like Roman having a good old “a-choo!”.

Mystery solved.

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