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I ended up going to the cinema last night however managed to get out of seeing Alien vs. Predator and went to see Layer Cake instead which was probably a far better choice!

Like a lot of British films it was taken from different perspectives, following different groups of characters in both the past and present. As the film progressed the characters stories developed until all their stories fell into place at the end. There were also a few plot twists which I won’t mention here!

Leeds played Wigan today and sadly lost 2-0. However it wasn’t an embarrassing defeat by any means. Wigan are by far the strongest team in the division and are so far unbeaten. Leeds put out a good performance but a couple of silly mistakes and moments of brilliance from Wigan cost them the points. There were very promising performances from Leeds youth Simon Johnson and new signing David Healy. Bring on Burnley!

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It has arrived – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PlayStation 2 and it is absolutely brilliant! I’ve been playing it for the best part of today and have only covered 1/6 th of the map (I haven’t even started on the missions!), the whole thing seems at least 5x bigger than GTA3!

The animation has been greatly improved. You can now swim, exercise, eat, get fatter or stronger and build up relationships with characters. Of course killing criminals, cops and innocent civilians is also a vital part of the game and this time it is even more violent.

I was in no way offended by the level of violence in the game but I can see how some people would be and even though the game carries an 18 certificate it’s inevitable many will ask for it to be banned.

Anyway brilliant game!

A lot has been happening with Super Leeds United since my last update. They have FINALLY signed the Preston and Northern Ireland striker David Healy. Maybe now Leeds can actually score some goals! The club have also been linked with another takeover, this time from the grandson of J. Sainsbury (the guy who owns those supermarkets).

I can see it now… a statue of Jamie Oliver outside Elland Road, the players running out to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Toploader and The Lurpak Stand being renamed “The Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Butter Stand”.

Leeds take on league leaders Wigan tomorrow. Even though Wigan are flying high, Leeds always seem to do better against stronger teams and the arrival of Healy should evoke confidence in the camp. Still Wigan are a very strong side. I’m going for a 1-1 draw.

Anyway, I’ve teared myself away from GTA: San Andreas and even turned down an offer of going to my local pub to go to the cinema to watch… Alien vs. Predator – I’m mad I know!

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So Arsenal’s fabulous unbeaten run has come to an end after 49 games. They lost 2-0 in a disappointing performance to Manchester United which saw Ruud Van Horseface score a penalty and Wayne Rooney (who I only like playing for England) score a late goal to slam the final nail in the coffin.

It was a very scrappy game, often violent at times. It looked like the football games you see from the 1970’s. It makes you wonder if it had been played any place but Old Trafford a few red cards would have been shown. Still, I’m not complaining, I got to see Cristiano “Fake” Ronaldo being shoved to the ground which is always funny.

I’m not an Arsenal fan by any means, but in the past they have played some brilliant football, which as a neutral has been great to watch, this also stops teams I hate like Man United winning the league! Hopefully they can pick themselves up and stop the Old Trafford Scummers winning the title!

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Leeds lost 1-0 to Brighton yesterday. Yet another game where the strikers simply cannot score. Leeds have the best defence in the league so there’s nothing wrong there (besides two of them being sent off yesterday!) but the strikers are totally and utterly useless. I don’t know how they’re going to cope against Portsmouth in the cup on Tuesday.

I’m still playing Fifa 2005 and am on my third season, Leeds are back in the Premiership and are a mid-table club. More on the Fifa 2005 page.

I went to the cinema yesterday to see Shark Tale. It was a good film and had very funny moments. Robert De Niro, Jack Black and Will Smith were great. I highly recommend it,

It seemed that before the film started we were shown more trailers than normal. This would be extremely annoying if it weren’t for the fact that some of the upcoming films looked pretty good. The Incredibles, Robots (with Robin Williams) and A Series of Unfortunate Events all looked promising.

There was also an awful trailer for a film called The Polar Express. Maybe it was just the trailer, but the picture quality was terrible and the sound gritty and appeared to be in mono! It showed a train steaming through a festive landscape with children. It reminded me more of the Coca Cola advert than a film.

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Leeds went to Reading this evening for a mid-week Championship clash. They managed to leave with a 1-1 draw. In some ways this is disappointing as Leeds were the first to score. On the other hand, prior to this fixture, Reading were 2nd in the league, so going to their ground, I would have taken a draw.

I watched the first episode of the new series of Little Britain. It was very, very funny although I was slightly disappointed. I don’t know why as it was extremely good. Maybe it was the fact BBC over-hyped it or possibly the fact it wasn’t as good as some of the classic series 1 moments. Still a very good show and one I will be looking forward to watching next week.

Another favourite TV show of mine returned this evening and I didn’t even realise until about an hour before it was about to start. Wife Swap returned for its 4 th series on Channel 4. This week a lazy woman left her hard working husband to swap with a hard working house wife in Germany. It was by no means a classic. The episode had very little conflict between the swapped wives and the families. I will be hoping for more next week as it is normally very good.

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