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Why do murderers, sick perverts and rapists always look dodgy? Anyone strange looking should be locked up before they can commit crimes – I suppose Chelsea would have to find a new manager if that happened. *

* for legal reasons, I must say that Avram Grant is neither a murderer, pervert or rapist. Hopefully he will be a league champion in a few weeks time (at the expense of Man Utd)

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I have it! After waiting in a MASSIVE queue, I finally have it. As I blog, the game is installing and the milk for the cocoa is being heated in the microwave… I am going to have some fun!

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Tonight’s the night. In little over 5 hour’s time, I will (hopefully) have my grubby little mits on a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4. I’m off to Asda at 11pm, hoping to buy the game at 00:01.

Ever since I got home from work, I have had the soundtrack for the original GTA game playing on loop – “Take it to the edge, there`s nowhere to hide, and call up the boy; let`s go for a joyride…”

You know that feeling you got as a kid the night before Christmas? I’ve had that all day, and I am so tense with excitement right now. To calm my nerves, I am meeting work colleagues in town for a few pints, before driving to Asda *.

* don’t worry. Even though it would be rather fitting for GTA, the driver will not be drinking.
If, however, we are not able to get a copy tonight, there will be a car chase after the person who buys the last copy.

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This evening I dared to enter the caldron of football that is The Carlsberg Stand at Yeovil Town’s Huish Park. I posed as a Yeovil fan in order to watch my real club, Leeds United, play.

While I was discreet in my support, some other Leeds fans pretending to be ‘Yeocals’ were not. Firstly the broad Yorkshire accent gave it away (something that I didn’t have to worry about); but the thing that really revealed their identity was that when Leeds scored, chants of “WE ALL LOVE LEEDS” broke out. Cue an army of police and a departure of joyous Leeds fans.

Luckily I wasn’t found out. Luckily Yeovil didn’t score. Luckily Leeds won. Luckily I got home in one piece (even though it did take 45 minutes to get out the car park)!

Despite not being a Yeovil fan, I was amused by some of their chants…

– As if Leeds United care about non-league competitions


And when the “record” crowd for Yeovil was announced…

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After last night’s fiasco with the floodlight failure in the highly prestige Somerset Cup Final, I e-mailed the Somerset FA to complain…

In the politest possible way, I called them all useless tossers, asked for a refund on tickets & travel and, in true Dr. Evil style, demanded one hundred BILLION dollars *

Let’s see if they reply…

* OK, that last bit was a lie

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