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It has been over 2 hours since I got back to my flat, but I am still freezing cold.

I spent the evening watching Bath City beat Newport County in the Setanta Shield. This is normally a mediocre cup, but due to failings in other competitions this season, it has taken more significance. Therefore, I was pleased when City thrashed Newport 4-1.

Anything less than this rout would have made the whole evening a total waste of my time. It was bitterly cold and there were moments I wished I had stayed at home with beer and crisps, watching footy on TV. Instead, I was stood at Twerton Park, in Arctic-like conditions, without even a hot drink (the tea bar was closed).

I may still be cold, but I am happy with the result.

The same cannot be said for Newport…

Not only did they have to endure the freezing cold
Not only are they doing WORSE this season than Bath City
Not only did they get thrashed 4-1 tonight
Not only did they have to travel home – and pay to get across the Severn Bridge
BUT they are going home to Wales – a country, if it weren’t for England, classed as ‘third world’

It’s no wonder it all kicked off at the end when they asked their manager to go forth and multiply…

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Something very strange happened to me this morning.

While getting ready to leave for work, I noticed a woman sitting, wearing a dressing gown, on the next door neighbours shed. She then jumped off the shed (which must have been 7 foot high), into the ground floor flat’s garden, wandered around, before attempting to get back into, what I assume to be, her own garden.

I really didn’t know what to do. Should I have phoned the police? There was no chance of her breaking into the ground floor flat and certainly not into mine on the first floor. I don’t think calling 999 would have been appreciated by my apparent neighbour, or necessary – she didn’t appear to be dangerous or hurt.

She just looked like she was high on drugs and reminded me of Amy Winehouse. I have never seen her before and don’t really know where she lives – there are many flats on my road, which change ownership on a frequent basis.

All very freaky. I hope she was OK, but wish I never have to see her or anything like that again!

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I’ve noticed today that have been messing around with my website template and have added their own, nasty ‘B’ icon by the URL

The code generating the offending icon is

<link rel="icon" type="image/" href=""/>

Due to the way my site is published through the Blogger system, it isn’t simply a case of removing this line from the HTML code.

As I pay for my own hosting and wrote the majority of the template myself, I think it’s a bit of a cheek of them to do this – especially without informing me.

I therefore need to find a clever bit of code that I can stick in my template, which will remove that stupid B and replace it with the star icon I used to have!

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Why is it that my well-loved clubs, Bath City and Leeds United, never manage to both win on the same day? This season, I am yet to have the joys of celebrating a duo of football victories.

I now believe something strange and unexplained is linking my teams…

Take today for example. Bath City are playing St. Albans. 1-0 up at half time and cruising. I check the score from Leeds to find they are drawing 0-0 with Walsall.

Shortly into the second half of the City game, I check the Leeds score. To my joy, I see Leeds are wining 1-0. Within minutes of learning this news, St. Albans equalise. I then hear that Leeds are 2-0 up; only to see Bath totally lose the plot and concede a second goal, winning the game for St. Albans.

Something strange is going on….

Sat 9th Aug
City 0-4 Welling LOSS Scunthorpe 1-2 Leeds WIN
Tue 12th Aug
Maidenhead 0-0 City DRAW Chester 2-5 Leeds WIN
Sat 16th Aug
Bishops Stortford 0-2 City WIN Leeds 0-2 Oldham LOSS
Sat 23rd Aug
City 1-1 Team Bath DRAW Yeovil 1-1 Leeds DRAW
Sat 30th Aug
City 2-2 Wimbledon DRAW Leeds 2-2 Bristol Rovers DRAW
Tue 2nd Sep
City 0-1 Hayes & Yeading LOSS Leeds 2-1 Bradford WIN
Sat 6th Sep
Havant 0-0 City DRAW Leeds 5-2 WIN
Sat 13th Sep
Hampton 3-1 City LOSS Swindon 1-3 Leeds WIN
Sat 20th Sep
City 1-1 Eastleigh DRAW Carlisle 0-2 Leeds WIN
Sat 27th Sep
City 2-0 Clevedon Town WIN Leeds 1-0 Hereford WIN
Sat 4th Oct
Bognor 0-2 City WIN Peterborough 2-0 Leeds LOSS
Sat 11th Oct
City 0-1 Aylesbury LOSS Leeds 3-1 Brighton WIN
Sat 18th Oct
City 1-0 Fisher WIN Millwall 3-1 Leeds LOSS
Tue 21st Oct
Street 2-3 City WIN Leeds 2-1 Leyton Orient WIN
Sat 25th Oct
St. Albans 2-1 City LOSS Leeds 3-0 Walsall WIN
Yes, I am aware that both my teams won on 27th September and 21st October BUT on both these dates, Bath City were playing in the FA and Somerset Cup; therefore I believe my theory only applies when both teams are playing league games.
I’m hoping to jinx this theory, by both of my clubs winning next week. It could, however, go the other way with City and Leeds both losing :o(

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All the VoIP phones went down. Part of the patient administration system broke. Karl was off sick, and contractors turned the office into a building site, by bashing down a large chunk of wall – it was horrendously noisy. They are far from finished.

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