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I tried to get up at 6am this morning to make that planned early start at work – it was impossible! It was an effort in itself putting the alarm clock on my mobile phone forward an hour to 7.15am, let alone getting up at that ungodly hour. 6am is exclusively reserved for shepherds, fishermen and night clubbers returning home from a night out.

When I finally did arise, I looked in the mirror, only to find two massive scratches on the side of my face. How the hell that happened, I do not know. I must have done it by accident in my sleep; either that or Freddy Kruger is real and attacked me in my slumber!

After patching up my wounds, I managed to find my way to work, still earlier than normal, and managed to get some overtime in. Along with working to 6pm this evening, I have accredited 2 hours of extra income today. Hopefully I’ll have the stamina to do the same tomorrow.

Finally some good news – my fatigue and morale was lifted when I attended my management course. I received feedback on that coursework I had been working on last week (or “management-course-assignment-bollocks” as I once referred to it). The lecturer was very impressed. I was very pleased, especially as I was expecting a list of changes that had to be made in order to fulfil the requirements. As of today, my assignment is now ready to hand in. Bath College had better get my certificate ready; and a message to Mr. Barwick and his cronies at The FA – if you want a decent England manager (with qualifications), come and get me!

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My office is offering a rare opportunity to earn some extra pennies through working overtime these next two weeks.

After the recent expenses of Christmas shopping, a visit to the dentist today and other annoyances, I have been left a little out of pocket. I have decided to work until 6pm, every night while the overtime is available, but am a little stuck on when to start work.

I normally stagger in at 8:59am (for an “official” 9am start), but am tempted to come in for 8 or even 7am. Coming in so early would mean getting out of bed as early as 6am. I’m a young, 9-5 office worker; I don’t even know there is a 6am! Still money is required. It will be interesting what time I wander into work tomorrow morning…

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This afternoon at work, I did fire training. Not on how to start fires (that’s next week), it was some less fun subject of “putting them out”.

As well as being shown the fire exits and alarms in my office block, we were allowed to test some fire extinguishers. Unfortunately we were not allowed to try them out on a real fire, but instead used an old chair as a target. Who would have thought spraying an everyday object with water and CO2 could be so much fun?

This newfound knowledge may come in useful for home. My letting agency has still not fixed the alarm, so if there’s a fire, I’m screwed. Good thing I know how to use a fire extinguisher, now I can go round to their offices and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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Bath City did tonight what England failed to do last week – come back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2, and hold out for a result. OK, this comparison may be a tad unfair – their opponents, Hayes & Yeading, are far inferior to Croatia, and some may argue Bath City are better than England – it’s not comparing like with like!

I was on the cameraman duties again, and due to a late delivery of the equipment had to run from one side of the football ground to the other, holding a rather large and heavy camera. The filming of the game went OK, although I totally forgot how to adjust the spirit level on the tripod; so if you buy the DVD, you may have to tip your head sideways in order to get a good perspective.

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This afternoon I went to Cheltenham Town Football Club. Had I been going a few years ago, I would probably have been watching Bath City play; instead, as things are nowadays, I was sadly watching Leeds United.

Whaddon Park, Cheltenham’s ground, is very small, so I wasn’t able to get tickets in the away end. Instead I bravely entered the lions den and stood alongside the home supporters. They quickly realised I was a Leeds fan, and I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one. I would say 40% of the ground was full of Leeds supporters from up and down the country.

The Cheltenham fans I met were very commendable and a credit to their club. We had some friendly banter and discussed both Leeds and Bath City, both of which they were very complimentary about.

Anyway, back to the game (something I have been trying to avoid). Despite totally dominating the game, Leeds lost 1-0 to a late Cheltenham goal. Gutting. Still, I will disagree with anyone who says Cheltenham didn’t deserve their win. They had their chance, and they took it; unlike Leeds.

I still believe that Leeds will win the league – it is just a shame I wasn’t there to see them score a goal or win a match.

Here’s some pictures from the game.

As the sign says

A rather bizarre mascot which sat ontop of one of the huts

The old bill realise there may be Leeds fans in the home end, and immediately predict trouble… there wasn’t any

Dennis Wise. I cannot see his face, but I am sure his eyes are wobbling

Spot the ball

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