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Do you want to know what I believe to be the worst joke ever? In fact, it is so atrociously poor and unoriginal, that anyone seriously claiming it to be a joke is committing fraud.

Only users of the social media platform, Twitter, will know how annoying it can be to see ‘David Attenborough’ trending. It’s enough to get someone using Facebook again!

It is certainly not the fact that the great man is being actively discussed that infuriates me. More than likely, he is trending because he has made an important and intelligent observation about the future of our planet, or discovered a fossil for a previously unknown dinosaur.

I really wish that when a Twitter user notices Sir David trending, they refrain from tweeting something along the lines of “Thank f**k he isn’t dead!”…

Putting aside the fact that not one tweet on the subject is amusing, I also find that making light of the fact a national treasure is elderly and therefore – in the eyes of the arrogant – associated with death, to be very disrespectful.

Are these people actually aware of David Attenborough’s work? Had they taken the time to check the original reason behind behind the trend, or did they see it as an opportunity to gain a few cheap retweets and likes?

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I realise that a lot of my recent blog posts have been Leeds United related, so rather short and more than a little meaningless to the vast majority of readers.

I haven’t been too well lately, so mustering up any enthusiasm to compose an engrossing post about baked beans on toast was more than a little challenging.

Thankfully, I am on the mend and despite getting the doctor out, there wasn’t anything to threaten me with a fourth visit to hospital in two years.

I’ll be back with the usual drivel and waffle very soon. If you’re lucky, I may even treat you to the story behind my latest ailment.

Anyway, for today at least, I’ll leave you with this video of Roman enjoying one of the many treats he was bought, during a recent visit to the pet shop.

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It would appear so…

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You know what I was saying about Leeds fans going to extreme lengths, in order to find out how a potential new player signing is doing…

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This is why I love Leeds fans – they’re fucking nuts!

As I mentioned the other day, Leeds United have been trying to sign a Spanish player, Rodrigo, for a rather hefty sum of dough.

Naturally, our fans are desperate for this to all become official. Such is the craving for updates on Rodrigo’s location, one supporter even used a flight tracking app in order to ensure he arrives at Leeds Bradford Airport safely.

You could call it ‘spying’, but that is such a strong word

Credit to @KlichOne for tweeting the plane movements on a tracking app. I am unsure who originally tweeted the video of the plane landing, or if any of this is even real…

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